Best Smart Door Lock in India

Best Smart Door Lock in India

Home security systems are rapidly changing to become dynamically better with each passing day. With the advancement of technology and the combination of a perfect aesthetically appealing design, Leccy & Genesis has created path-breaking gadgets in Home Security Systems.

Every second, technology moves further, and Home Security Systems are coming up with newer inventions that are slowly changing visual and physical security for homes. There are many gadgets available in the market, but a dependable, smart door lock for your home to protect your family members from burglaries and vandalism is a great idea. Leccy & Genesis offers the ideal advanced smart door-locking systems recognized by the tech world to provide safety against unexpected eventualities.

Let us learn more about this revolutionary security gadget for our homes that guards us at all times:



Use the Fingerprint to open the door:

We live in a complex world and need to be protected. Leccy & Genesis offers us the best advanced smart door locks that can be easily put up in any home. These safe Digital automatic door locks can be Unlocked easily by Placing the fingertips On the touch screen scanner.

The system instantly recognizes the fingerprint and voila! The door opens within seconds once it detects a match. The smart door lock system with a biometric fingerprint is a boon for elderly adults and young children. They tend to lose the keys in confusion.

The smart door lock can be easily accessed by the finger, even if you have misplaced the keys. The smart door lock becomes a personal guard and improves security dramatically. Authorized people will be able to open the latch, and strangers will not gain any access to your home. The touch screen has to recognize the fingerprint, or else the door will remain shut. Homeowners rely on these convenient fingerprint locks because of the added layer of security provided.


Automatic Door Lock:

Are you sitting in your car, and did you forget to lock the door? Sometimes, you travel a distance and realize that you have forgotten to lock the door. In traditional homes, this is a recipe for disaster. Somebody may enter the home and cause harm. However, with the Leccy & Genesis smart door locks, there is nothing to fear!

The automatic door lock system is a safe and convenient way to shut the door in case you have forgotten to do so manually. The home is secure and protected because the door automatically shuts after a stipulated period, even if none of the family members are around or in the vicinity. Keep the home protected at all times with a smart Home Security System by Leccy & Genesis.



German IoT Technology:

This is an amazing feature that is slowly becoming a favourite in the hotel industry. Hotel industries are accepting the path-breaking German Engineered iOT technology Best hotel Door Locks for their commercial spaces because they have the best features for the Indian markets.

Reduce the chances of any human error by opting for the best smart door lock for the hotel or home and enjoy the best of the automatic open and shut features. It is better to trade for peace of mind rather than have traditional door locks in a living space. Technology has advanced, and security systems can help people stay safe and guarded at all times.

Eliminate the chances of human error by opting out for smart door lock systems with their automatic open and shut features. The automated door lock provides homeowners with peace of mind and shows the technical advancements in security technology.



Smartphone App:

Your smart door lock can be opened in no time with the help of a smartphone app. This app provides the homeowner with a clear view of whoever stands at the door waiting to be admitted. Now, it is the owner's choice to permit or deny entry. The stranger can be clearly seen from the high-definition camera in the door lock. The smartphone app allows opening and closing the door at will.

Has your son just returned home from his classes? See him on the app and let him in. Is your elderly mother findigin it difficult to get up to open and shut the door time and again? The smartphone app allows the senior adults to see who stands at the door and unlatches it from inside.

Control the door opening and closing and even monitor the people walking to the doorstep from afar. Thus, Leccy & Genesis smart door locks aspire for the Best Home Door lock award. The tamper-proof door sets off an alarm the moment someone tries to force entry into the house and takes preventive steps to protect the residents.



6-in-1 door lock:

The Leccy & Genesis door lock is famous in the home security markets because it provides the 6-in-1 door lock unlocking options and increases the protection shield at home.



Unlock the smart door lock with the innovative:

  1. Biometric fingerprint features allow the user to place the fingerprint on the scanner to gain access to the home. Fingerprint access is not the only way to enter the house or residential space.
  2. RFID cards can be swiped to gain entry to the home
  3. Numerical passcodes also provide temporary access to the home and are a great help to give access to the household or kids. The number can be changed periodically to maintain safety standards.
  4. Smartphone app to monitor and control the smart door lock from a distance
  5. OTP or the One-time password that can be entered to gain access to the home
  6. Manual keys

The homeowners can open or latch their doors by following any one of these because they get access flexibility, making life easier and very convenient. Whether it is entry permission for a family member, elderly parent, small child, technician, daily help, or a guest, it can be done within seconds and that too in a safe and a safe and protected environment.

Manual keys are specifically added to this list of unlocking systems for the smart door to avoid any emergency. But, the users can conveniently use any one preferred method to enter. These safe and secure smart door locks can be opened easily by the owner in multiple ways but they prevent the entry of strangers, thieves, and robbers. While you place your fingerprints on the scanner for biometric recognition, others will have to struggle to enter the home.

If you want peace of mind, and want to feel guarded and safe at all times, get a smart door lock for your home today and avail the best possible discounts and warranties. Contact Leccy and Genesis as soon as possible and learn more about the various deals available.


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