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Most Affordable Smart Door Lock

  • May, 22 , 24
  • By Arshpreet Gaba

Leccy & Genesis security systems present the audience with futuristic and functional locks that combine remote security with customization. What is a smart...

Smart Door Lock With Camera

  • May, 07 , 24
  • By Arshpreet Gaba

Finally! Experience one of the most innovative, unique and dependable creations of Leccy & Genesis Smart door lock with camera in India

How IOT & Smart Home Automation Will Change the Way We Live ?

  • May, 04 , 24
  • By Arshpreet Gaba


Technology has advanced, allowing homeowners to monitor and manage their homes through a common hub.  Your home will be automated once the...

what is smart door lock system

  • Apr, 26 , 24
  • By Arshpreet Gaba


Leccy & Genesis locks offer the audience's innovative and functional locks of the future, where adaptability and remote security work together. But what is a smart door...

Best Smart Switch Board Company in India

  • Apr, 19 , 24
  • By Arshpreet Gaba

If you desire a comfortable and interconnected life in a smart, automated home ecosystem, get a Leccy & Genesis smart switch board to act...

Best Video Doorbell in India

  • Apr, 11 , 24
  • By Arshpreet Gaba

The thought of burglaries and vandalism is scary and makes us feel threatened. Are we safe, or is our basic security under threat? What...