IoT Based Home Automation: How Can It Benefit You?

IoT Based Home Automation: How Can It Benefit You?

Home Automation has brought tremendous change in the technological era; befitting the enriching vision of researchers and a global infrastructure of networked physical objects. The world is now switching to IoT based Home Automation with smart home products online, thus establishing new forms of communication between things and people. With the introduction of IoT, the smart home automation industry has seen a sparking evolutionary development.




  1. What is IoT?
  2. Home Automation using IoT.
  3. Features & Working of IoT.
  4. Benefits of IoT

Internet of things (IoT) involves integrating smart objects; embedded devices with sensors and actuators connected to the internet. It is a Home Automation technology designed to control all the devices of your smart home through internet protocols or cloud-based computing.


Home Automation using IoT


IoT Applications in Home Automation, wifi based home automation system

The Internet of things has not only influenced the connection between people and physical objects but also between the physical objects themselves. By choosing to automate your house with IoT based home automation, you can enjoy immense flexibility over wired systems and better energy conservation by optimum use of energy. A smart home can actually be called smart if it serves as an assistant as well as a problem solver in today’s fast-paced world. This is something that IoT is equipped with.


 Security and Surveillance


The Smart Video Doorbell comes equipped with night vision and is weatherproof. Reducing the chances of burglary by providing you with the monitoring feature as well as the sensors and servers for you to be the one in absolute control.


 Living Room


In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, forgetfulness is a part of high-stress work life. However, someone smart enough won’t let this become an issue in the long run. Small negligences such as leaving the lights on or the fan running after leaving the house can be corrected once and for all, by installing Smart Home Automation tools, you can schedule and control your lights, automate your fans, and control electronics through our IR Blaster.




A magical place that can sense your presence and switches on the lights automatically. Or, how about a geyser that is scheduled to turn on every morning for that warm and relaxing bath. Yes, it’s possible with the latest devices Urja Smart Automation has to offer.


After all the first place you visit every morning must be in accordance with your requirements. People often forget this essential part of their house where they spend most of their time pampering and relaxing themselves. If you want a personalised and smart Bathroom, do check out the following Smart Home Automation products:


  • Smart Plugs for Geyser
  • Motion Sensor for Lights




Some of the finest Smart Kitchen products have made their entrance into the market. Automating your kitchen can be a choice you’ll never regret because installing IoT based Smart Home devices work on the one-time-investment fundamentals. Automate your exhausts and chimneys that turn on at your command after your productive cooking sessions. So, dive in to explore the wide range of products at Urja Smart Automation.


 Door Locks


IoT controlled Door Locks by Urja Smart Automation offer a far better option than the regular unorganized wired and less secure systems. Increase the quality of your life by installing Smart Door Locks that will ensure security and surveillance.


 Features and Working of IoT


smart home automation using iot, Internet Of Things Isometric Flowchart

Primarily, IoT based home automation aims to get the user comfort and security along with the power of control in the palm of their hands.


Basic Setup


With the help of remote servers located on the internet, one can easily manage and process the data at their fingertips, without any hassle over personalized computers.

In addition to the above, these Internet-based servers can be customised to control multiple sensors installed at the desired location.

The broad and various features of different devices constituting the Smart Home Automation system can be condensed into the following:


  1. The Central Controller/ The Hub/ The Gateway

The main component of the whole IoT home automation system, irrespective of whether you connect single or multiple sensors at your house, is the Central Controller. The connection to the main router is provided via Ethernet. Being the central commanding body, the sensors send and receive signals via this centralized gateway. The connection is then passed to the Cloud by the hub.


  1. Cloud Communication

The majority of devices in the market today are enabled with some sort of cloud service. The cloud Communication system brings a certain level of convenience, especially for the Home Automation industry. It is a large, wonderful piece of software where the data is stored securely. Allowing you to send commands from any part of the world. After receiving a command from the central hub, that you sent from a remote location, the requested action is triggered by the sensors.


  1. Real-time monitoring

Probably the best feature of the Smart Home Automation using IoT system is the availability of real-time monitoring and notification services. This feature ensures the safety and security of people and property, which is a matter of major concern for many people out there.


Benefits of IoT


In case you’re still in doubt, we’re living in the golden age of technology. Smart Home Automation based on IOT Technology allows you to tap into the high-tech functionality and luxury that was not possible in the past. Among the uncountable benefits of IoT technology, a few are listed below:

  1. Cost Reduction
  2. Centralised control of appliances
  3. Security and Surveillance
  4. Comfortability
  5. Efficient energy use and conservation
  6. Monitoring Children and Servants -Their access to resources at home
  7. Increased quality of life
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