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Choosing Right Fit: Leccy vs Genesis LED Smart Switches in India

  • Jan, 19 , 24
  • By Akshay Sharma

Using old traditional switches with your geysers, ACs, and motors? It's time for a change. Replace the age-old switches with the German-engineered Leccy & Genesis LED Smart Switches in India....

Smart Technology, Smarter Living: Leccy and Genesis Switchboard Benefits

  • Dec, 29 , 23
  • By Akshay Sharma

It can be tiring to get up repeatedly to switch off the fans and adjust the temperature according to different people in the room. What if you must rush to...

Smart Switch Boards vs. Traditional Switches: Making the Right Choice

  • Nov, 07 , 23
  • By Urja Smart

Choosing between traditionality and smart gadgets is the talk of the day. People get confused because they are comfortable with the age-old products. Ease...

Explore a pioneer in smart home automation technology at our Experience Center

  • Nov, 01 , 23
  • By Akshay Sharma

L&G home automation experience centre encourages potential clients to come and experience the company’s brand value and extensive product range. This also permits the stakeholders to purview the work...

Biggest Smart Switch Board Brand In India

  • Oct, 21 , 23
  • By Akshay Sharma

It can be tedious to get up and answer the door, switch on the lights or adjust the fan repeatedly. Isn't it convenient if...

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your home with a smart switch board

  • Oct, 07 , 23
  • By Akshay Sharma

Smart switch boards by Leccy & Genesis are the power distribution boards of a home. Their job is to...