A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Your First Smart Home

A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Your First Smart Home

Have you noticed that sometimes people open the door before you ring the bell, greeting you with delight, or close the curtains while sitting in the other room? All these automated actions of getting a hands-on home security system, turning on the lights, and closing or opening the home door from far away according to a schedule are possible with the new advanced home technology called home automation!

Introduction: Understanding Home Automation

Home automation understands your need for a comfortable quality of life and can help monitor and control home devices from afar. This technology can be overwhelming, but with the help of Leccy & Genesis smart home system networking, you can monitor and control your home perfectly. Get the automatic smart door lock, smart video doorbell, smart curtains, motion sensors, etc, to improve your day-to-day living and increase your security a notch above the rest.


Choosing the Right Smart Devices for Your Home is an ideal way to control different devices.

You can control several smart home devices' functioning through Wi-Fi and a compatible smart mobile app. Pick up a product by Leccy & Genesis, connect it to the Wi-Fi, and control it through a smartphone app to make your life easy and energy efficient. With the smart switchboard, you can consolidate and connect more home appliances, integrate them and convert them into smart gadgets. Too tired to get out of bed and turn on the light? Give a voice command or open the app, and you will be done!

You must be selective, decide on the smart functionality you need for your home, and integrate them. 

  1. Automatic lighting and smart sensors are a great option in a home's shady areas, especially the staircases.
  2. Smart door locks for the security and safety of a family
  3. Security cameras in the video doorbells to detect untoward motion in and around your home.
  4. Smart curtains help add brightness and warmth to a dark room and can be efficiently used from afar to save power and electricity. 

Smart Homes with Voice Assistants: Making Your Home Truly Hands-Free

Leccy & Genesis products respond to voice assistants and smartphone apps with appropriate WiFi connectivity to set up a smart home for your loved ones. Link the voice assistants to different appliances and products and give the voice command for the desired response. Whether scheduling an action in the future or giving a voice command for instant action, the voice assistants can help you control your home.  

Unlocking the door from far away and walking straight to your cooled bedroom, where the AC had been turned on from the gate, is pure bliss. You can do this without physically switching on any button. Save electricity and improve the quality of living with virtual assistants.


Voice Control through voice assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is a popular way to easily control and monitor connected home devices. You can do anything by speaking a voice command if the devices are compatible with the voice assistants. Link the smart home devices to these assistants, and you can trigger actions with speech-supported commands. 

You cannot automate the home with a single solution and may have to connect and integrate several smart home devices for home automation. Smart homes are alluring and possible, and you can flawlessly automate your home using smart home gadgets by Leccy and Genesis. Monitor everything from the phone even if you are not around, and turn on lights or appliances automatically from wherever you are within seconds. 


Smart Lighting: Brightening Up Your Home

Building a smart home is possible, but you can achieve your goal by integrating one or two gadgets. Turn your ordinary lights and fans into smart devices and get smart lighting to brighten your home within seconds. 

You can turn on the lights or fans by giving a voice command or manipulating the buttons on a smartphone app from a distance. This way, you can conveniently cool your rooms or turn on the light in the bedroom any time and don't have to rush to the switchboard every time. Elderly adults, small children and busy home-makers can benefit from this feature.

Ordinary home gadgets, such as fans, lights, lamps, coffee makers, food processors, etc., can be turned into smart gadgets and easily controlled through assistants if plugged into a smart switchboard. You can schedule their operations according to a designated time frame and add extra functionalities provided by Leccy & Genesis on the smart Switchboard. This helps save electricity and power and is an excellent option for your home. 

The lighting can be scheduled to turn on or off at a particular time that suits you and turn your traditional home into a smart home. It’s easy to plug the home appliances into the smart switchboard and turn them on or off according to need. Choose the devices you want to turn smart, and voila! It’s done!

Enhancing Security: Smart Locks, Cameras, and Alarms

Home security and safety are priorities and main concerns for people, considering the increased reports of vandalism, burglaries, and thefts. Earlier, using wooden doors, rods, and locks was the only way to stay protected and stop thieves from accessing residences. With time, lock mechanisms were devised, leading to complex combination lock systems. But with the advancement of technology, innovative security systems were invented, letting you control and monitor your home at all times with the help of smart security devices such as smart door locks, smart video doorbells, smart curtains, surveillance cameras and tamper-proof alarms. 

You can now open and close your door with the help of the smartphone app. Moreover, handing over temporary or permanent time-specific access to your family and friends is possible. Voice commands and the smartphone app can help unlatch the door from far away. Smart door locks by Leccy & Genesis can be easily installed, and they help step up home security because of their 6 in 1 unlocking option. Besides numeric code accessibility, the intelligent door lock can be opened with a biometric fingerprint, increasing home security to an advanced level. 

The smart video doorbell alerts you to whoever stands on the doorstep, and you can monitor all this from wherever you are. No one can forcefully enter the home because of the tamper-proof alarms in the doorbell. Motion sensors can detect any untoward motions and alert you instantly. You can now see who lurks at the front door and be warned of any potential danger beforehand. The high-definition camera offers a crystal clear coloured view to about 22 feet, so you know who is trying to enter your home. The camera helps you monitor all the activities around the house and detect any untoward. 

The motion sensors are also a part of the smart home security system because they illuminate the area when they detect any movement, thus adding an extra layer of protection for the family members.

Smart curtains can be scheduled to open and close even if you are absent and unavailable. They give an illusion of people present in the home even if they are not. The neighbours or intruders get the impression that the house is occupied, thus forbidding the thieves from venturing closer. 

The Leccy & Genesis smart gadgets are ideal for making life easy, safe, and comfortable. With expertise and advanced technology, These devices ensure your life becomes seamlessly smooth. Self-monitoring is necessary today and helps you deal with situations that might lead to an emergency. Protect your home with home automation and smart home security systems and control them via a single smartphone app or voice assistant. A mix of devices and some selective gadgets can be intertwined seamlessly to control things around the house to get a smarter smart home. 

Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.