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Exploring the Advanced Features of the L&G Smart Video Doorbell: What Sets Them Apart?

With each passing day, thefts and burglaries are increasing in our neighborhood, and we all feel the need for protection. We need devices that can warn us of threats lurking nearby, and for this, a WiFi Video doorbell for home is a great option. Let us tell you about the features of the advanced L&G smart video doorbell that enhance our convenience and home security while setting it apart from others in the market.

When we look for a safe and secure Video doorbell option for our home, Leccy & Genesis instantly come to mind because of their sturdy make-up and superb performance. We list Wireless video doorbells with a difference! There are three different varieties to pick from:

Smart Video Doorbell  

The L&G Smart WiFi Video Doorbell has a buzzer and provides an alert if a visitor is on your phone. Two-way audio communication, clear vision up to 22 feet with the full HD high megapixel camera, and compatibility with voice assistants make the WiFi smart video doorbell an essential feature in every home.

L&G Wireless Video Doorbell With Charging Adapter 

The smart wireless video doorbell has a Full HD camera, two-way audio communication from anywhere in the world, and compatibility with Smartphones, tablets, and voice assistants. Your family feels secure and protected at all times. Moreover, this sleekly designed rectangular Doorbell is convenient and can be fitted into any doorbell frame of a standard size in the present wiring. This tamper-proof product can be connected to the adaptor, and the battery lasts a long time. Grab this sweet-sounding buzzer and take a free chime with 50 free ringtones and a 148 degrees wide angle view back home.  

L&G Video Doorbell With Extra Chime

Lastly, we showcase the easy, plug-and-play L&G Video doorbell with multiple doorbell chimes. You can configure them to ring at multiple doors. The long-range L&G WiFi Video Doorbell for home can easily span about a two-story building to announce visitors.Equipped with a Full HD camera, this sleek-shaped Doorbell allows you to hear and talk to your visitors from anywhere in the world without leaving your comfort zone. The Doorbell is fully compatible with Android/iOS devices, Amazon Alexa, and k Google. The Video Doorbell detects and records the slightest movement with the advanced PIR motion detector at the door. Snapshots and instant notifications can be sent to multiple users configured with the video doorbell. Let us see what sets the L&G video doorbells apart:

Video Quality 

The L&G doorbell offer fantastically clear high-definition video resolution, producing crystal-clear images. The moment someone comes into the area of vision, it becomes effortless to identify them. You can now quickly pinpoint and distinguish people standing at your door. Imagine how safe your elders and children will feel. This is what a technologically advanced video doorbell is all about. 

Multi-User Sharing

Multi-user sharing is one of the best features of the advanced L&G smart video doorbell for home. About ten people can share the WiFi video doorbell operations, and that too without paying anything extra. This is a unique feature of the L&G smart doorbells, so they hold a special place in the customer's home.  



Continuous Power 

Video doorbells can be charged anytime and anywhere with their special adapter. The continuous power charging feature ensures the video doorbell is operable at all times, day or night. It can be fixed to the doorbell wiring and charged through the unique plug side by side.


Video doorbells can store video footage for you to access later from an SD card. Isn't this a cost-effective solution? Leccy and Genesis take care of the customer's safety at all times!

Night Vision 

One of the most essential features of the L&G video doorbell is the "Colored night vision." The advanced low-light technology enables the WiFi Wireless Smart video doorbell to capture clear, colored footage up to 22 feet away, even in the dark. This fantastic feature improves security 100% at night. 

Two-way Audio 

You don't have to step out whenever a salesman or a courier guy comes. The two-way audio and clear picture allow you to interact and communicate with visitors, delivery men, or strangers at the door. This feature is useful even for speaking and communicating with guests while away from home.

These L&G Smart Doorbells, with their high-resolution and high-definition video quality, can be seamlessly integrated with other smart devices to increase the safety and security of homes.

Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.