Best Home Automation Company in India

Best Home Automation Company in India

If you want to automate tasks to increase personal comfort levels, improve security, streamline your tasks, make life simpler and more convenient, improve property monitoring and live better, then you need an intelligent, innovative system installed in your home or official building. Home automation in India is rising, and people readily embrace this change away from traditionality.


Several devices and gadgets in houses can be automated with the help of technology. A central hub, such as a voice assistant or smartphone app, is used to manage and monitor these systems from a distance, making life very easy and comfortable for the owner. 

Home automation systems integrate advanced technology for energy efficiency into a personal space. They are an innovative method for controlling and monitoring several home attributes, such as home security, protecting privacy, lighting, appliances, entertainment, and control and alarm systems. 

Let us explain with an example. You can control security, improve visibility, and ease home tasks by getting smart or automated door locks, smart video doorbells, smart switchboards, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, smart curtains and a few other tangible methods to increase security and comfort. Research studies claim that burglars fear treading into an automated home with a smart security system. We all want to exist in a safe sanctuary controlled by a single mobile device with the help of reliable home automation security. 

Leccy & Genesis is a famous home automation brand that offers an extensive range of smart products. German-engineered products created to meet Indian standards help label the company as the best home automation company in India. Industry professionals and home ecosystems depend on automated home technology and home solutions to improve the quality of life.

After comparing and researching different innovative product brands, Leccy & Genesis earns the best smart home automation company tag with its technologically advanced smart home gadgets. These devices are ingeniously created to stay within a budget and respond instantly to fingerprints, voice commands, smartphone apps, etc. Every home automation product has to be innovatively tailored to blend in with the needs of family members and attend to the specific needs of different clients. 

Smart home devices seamlessly integrate into the home ecosystem to increase security and improve quality of life. Change the old humdrum ways of home security. The cutting-edge and trendy Leccy & Genesis can be called the best automation company with its home automation techniques and protection systems. 

A central control hub manipulates all home automation products. This hub receives data from voice commands and apps and performs the necessary actions. Thus, you can immediately see people through cameras on your smartphones and give the necessary action command. The home automation systems need WiFi connectivity to listen to the commands. The user interacts with a web portal, voice assistant or smartphone app to monitor their devices, set routines, or get notifications.


Let's learn about some smart products: 


The Smart Switch Board :

The smart switch board and smart switch by Leccy & Genesis can be easily operated from far away through a smartphone app or a voice assistant. If more devices are plugged into the smart switchboard, you can make your home ecosystem automated and controlled by a common platform. Locking doors and turning off the lights from common points is easy. 

You can even schedule a warm, cosy, dim light setting and turn on the AC from far away after giving a voice command. Several smart gadgets can be integrated on the same platform, thus increasing the functionality of your home. Modern living is complete with the smart switch board because it increases safety, convenience, and personalization. 



Smart curtains and smart curtain motor:

Home automation introduces a new concept of efficiency, ease, and security. You can easily automate tasks such as managing home ecosystems, turning the lights and the fans off or on or controlling the to and fro movement of curtains to maintain your privacy and give others the appearance of someone at home even if there is no one. 

Even if you do not have smart curtains at home, you can turn ordinary curtains into smart ones with the help of the smart curtain motor. Control and monitoring of the curtain motors can be done quickly from a distance. 

Manipulating a few buttons on the smartphone or using the voice assistants to control the opening or closing of the curtains at a pre-determined time every day. Schedules can be set, or elderly adults can close and open the smart curtains at will from wherever they are sitting. Immobile people and kids do not have to get up to draw the curtains and shut the light out when it hurts their eyes. Leccy & Genesis offers you complete control and monitoring opportunities. 


Smart door locks:

Need keyless entry to your home? Get a Leccy & Genesis smart door lock, connect it with Bluetooth or WiFi, and open it using your fingerprint, RFID card, numeric PIN codes, Smartphone app, OTP, and voice assistants. Make your life secure and convenient by replacing all traditional locks with intelligent door locks and eliminating the necessity of using a key. Nonetheless, a manual key is also provided to help you ride through emergencies. 

The smart door locks can be controlled from a distance through a smartphone app. It's easy to lock and unlock the door from a distance, provided you have an internet connection. This feature makes your life comfortable and convenient, especially if you must let someone into your home in your absence. 

You can open the door for your kids anytime you want. Even the household can enter this way or use a numeric code or password to walk in. The access provided is temporary and can be revoked whenever needed. You will love the auto-locking feature of the smart door lock and can even schedule the door to shut at a particular time or close it after a couple of seconds when you walk out. 



Smart video doorbell:

One of the best ways to keep an eye on whoever walks to the doorstep is to get a smart video doorbell for your home. The doorbell works with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Apple's Siri and works according to the instructions given to the voice assistants. You can monitor whoever walks to your doorstep and keep an account of the exit and entry. The video doorbell has an excellent high-definition camera that captures the slightest movement in the periphery of the smart video doorbell. 

Moreover, the camera has excellent colour night vision and captures a crystal clear view of about 22 feet, even in the dead of night. No one can trespass into your house or fiddle with the video doorbell because of its tamper-proof properties. The system may be partially foolproof, but it adds an extra layer of security with notification alerts on the smartphone app and its alarm if someone forces entry.

Smart devices were once futuristic gadgets that have become affordable realities in many homes today. Leccy & Genesis is a smart home automation company offering a range of superior technologically advanced German iOT technology devices such as Retrofit Smart switch, Smart Video Doorbell, Smart Switch Board, Smart Door lock, smart curtain motor  and more. 

Leccy & Genesis understands their client's need for customized solutions and creates gadgets and devices that meet their requirements. L&G's smart solutions are practical and functional. Reduce your effort, and do not be a part of the daily chaos of running to shut the door or check on visiting strangers repeatedly. Be calm and live a convenient life surrounded by smart gadgets; technological advancement has brought a relaxed life with home automation!

Home automation systems help keep the energy bills down by optimizing device usage. You can turn off devices when they are unnecessary or schedule their timings. Monitor your home from far away and get alerts if someone tries to force entry. Forewarned is forewarned-take action if needed. Leccy & Genesis offers the best home automation products to assist you and enhance security. 

Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.