Best Smart Switch Board Company in India

Best Smart Switch Board Company in India

If you desire a comfortable and interconnected life in a smart, automated home ecosystem, get a Leccy & Genesis smart switch board to act as an accessible common point. Affordable options exist, and they can improve the functionality of your home. Whether responding to a voice command or operating the appliances through a smartphone app, the smart switch board gives you the option of controlling a number of appliances together, contributing to a smart home. 


What makes Leccy & Genesis the best smart switch board company in India? 


We all have different needs and preferences, and to meet them and upgrade your home, you need smart lighting and a dependable smart switchboard. 


Monitor gadgets from far away: Controlling and automating the home with a smart switch is a futuristic way of living. You don't have to get uptime and again to shut the lights off or turn them on. No more flicking switches physically; monitor the gadgets from a distance through the smartphone app or voice control. The elderly family members, small children, and people facing mobility issues are spared constant movement with the smart touch panel. These gadgets enhance convenience and improve the quality of life. 


Available in attractive colours to match interiors: The Wi-Fi Smart Switch Board by Leccy & Genesis comes in Different Colours—Black, White, Grey, and Green—to suit your interiors and colour preferences. Now, your switch board will not look out of place because of its aesthetic and attractive looks. Add that unique panache to your home and make it stand out.

Voice commands: The smart switch board supports voice assistants and responds to voice commands from OK Google, Alexa, etc. Now, you can give the command from far, and the smart switch board will react immediately by turning the gadgets and appliance switch on and off from far. 


The voice assistants are connected to the Wi-Fi and offer complete control over the gadget, making it a functional and dependable Wi-Fi Switch Board. If you forgot to turn the lights off in the kitchen and are in your bedroom, you can give a voice command to shut them off. Automate your home with the best gadgets in town. 


Modular versions: Smart Switch Boards are available in several options depending on your preference and needs. The choice of the number of switches depends on the number of devices you plan to plug together. Based on the variations available at your disposal, you can get a smart switch board by Leccy & Genesis in the following models:- 


4 Modular:  Works for regular power needs-Lights, Lamps, Fans, Televisions, Plugs 


6 Modular: Regular power needs for fans, lights, television, plugs etc


8 Modular: Great for regular power needs with two plugs, two switch, 8 M module switch plate


12 Modular: For regular use. Comes with 3 Smart Switches, Smart Fan Regulator, 2 Smart Plugs, 8M Module Switch Plate.



Glass or plastic material: Smart switches can control and manage different devices, and these switches are placed in a smart switch board made of dependable and robust plastic or glass. The innate qualities of the smart switch board make it tamper-proof and sophisticated-looking. 

 German engineered: The smart switch board by Leccy & Genesis is made with German IOT technology and adheres to Indian standards. This makes these sturdy devices dependable and perfect for the Indian markets. 



Remote control through smartphone app: The smart switch board responds to the “Smart Life” app on your smartphone. The switches can be easily controlled and managed with a finger tap on your phone from a distance. You don't have to be present to turn off the lights; you can do it while you are sitting miles away.



Plug in a number of gadgets: Plug several devices, such as ACs, lights, plugs, fans, household appliances, lamps, and televisions, into the smart switch board, and you can manipulate them from a single source or command hub. The modular switch board is suitable for different appliances according to their power requirements. You can get 12 modular smart switch touch boards to control more devices. 



Retro-Roma fit: With its Retro and Roma fit features, the smart switch board is easy to use and fits into any area and the presently existing wiring system. It is easy to install and does not need professional intervention. In fact, the easy installation like any other switch board makes it the ideal and convenient choice for a home.



Remote control and home automation: The wireless control provided by the smart switch board makes life very easy. You can now control the whole lighting system of your home from one point. These simple and easy to install switchboards are not very expensive and come with extensive discounts. You can bag your favourite one and turn your home into an automated ecosystem. Replace your traditional existing wired switches with this smart switchboard. Pick the one best suited to your needs and budget so that you can automate the home the best you can.



Schedule timings: You can schedule the gadgets plugged into the smart switch board to turn off and on when you desire. You can even time each device separately according to need. In this way, planning the devices to shut off every day at the user-defined time will help save immensely on power and electricity usage. Your functional smart switch board will work and be controlled or operated according to a pre-decided schedule.



Tempered glass: The multi-user sharing quality smart switch board by Leccy & Genesis comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring its superior quality. The smart gadget is ideal for every home and is made of tempered glass and a strong, robust polycarbonate body.



Controlled by an app or voice assistant, the smart switch board is a versatile way to add smart functionality to almost any switch in your home. It's time to get the innovative and path-breaking Leccy & Genesis smart switchboard to automate your home in the easiest possible way!


Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.