Best Video Doorbell in India

Best Video Doorbell in India

The thought of burglaries and vandalism is scary and makes us feel threatened. Are we safe, or is our basic security under threat? What can we do to increase our protection? We need to get Leccy & Genesis’s best smart video doorbell so that our homes feel safe. Get this fantastic video doorbell to enhance home security and convenience and ensure your family stays safe.

The smart Video doorbell by Leccy & Genesis is a sturdy and robust option for our home because it can keep us safe and sound. You have the best to choose from, and three varieties are available. This intelligent video door device must be an addition to every home because it helps protect family members and keeps the premises secure. To stay vigilant, install a dependable video doorbell at the front door, and the residents can keep an eye on the door from inside or afar. 

Let us see a few features that make the Leccy & Genesis video doorbell exclusive and the best:

Two-Way Audio Communication


Is there somebody standing at the door? You can communicate quickly, but only if you want to. Use the two-way audio communication method after you check the person standing outside. Besides the two-way communication through the microphone and a high-definition camera, a highly audible speaker can be connected to the Wi-Fi network. No one can enter the building without your permission, and your family will stay safe. You can ask salespeople and others to leave a message or parcel at the door if you don't want to open it. Talk to them via two-way audio for clarification and make the appropriate decisions. 


Excellent Night Vision


The high-definition camera gives you a crystal-clear, coloured vision, whether day or night, placing the Leccy & Genesis smart doorbell into the exclusive bracket. The video doorbell has additional features, helping the device detect the slightest movement from far away, even at night. The High-definition camera has clear, coloured night vision to 22 feet and detects every small motion, including other features. 


High-Definition Camera


A smart video doorbell can be easily installed with excellent video quality and is compatible with other smart devices. Monitor activities and all kinds of movements or sounds through the camera or the smartphone app. These doorbells can capture all activities within the camera's view range and have a built-in microphone to capture sounds and audio. The video doorbell camera captures the slightest movement in daylight or low light if placed strategically. It is the ideal contraption to help prevent vandalism with its video camera, microphone, and two-way audio.

Smartphone App


The Leccy & Genesis innovative video doorbell offers complete control through the smartphone app. Now, you can see who is at the door and communicate with him from wherever you are. Distance monitoring is a very convenient reality that permits you to interact with anyone from a distance. Moreover, you can monitor whoever visits you from anywhere. This is not all; if you want someone to enter, you can open the door and let them in if you are busy elsewhere. Your smartphone has the power to control the door! So, stay safe and secure.  


Smart Design


Gone are the days of drab, dull, traditional video doorbell designs. The latest Leccy & Genesis doorbell has a charging adapter and is sleek and rectangular, easily fitting into the door. 


Charge With Adapter


Leccy & Genesis smart doorbell is value for money because you can connect it to the adapter. It gives a super quick response for hours without unnecessarily charging because of the excellent, long-lasting batteries. The unique adapter charges the doorbell and keeps it working day and night, providing constant power. The battery alert tells you to charge the doorbell if need be.


Get A Melodious Chime


The buzzer sound is melodious and sweet. The company cares about its customers, providing free chimes with about 50 ringtones—and that too FREE! Different doorbells come with varying deals or discounts, and you can contact us to learn more about the various offers online!



The L&G video doorbell is made of German IOT technology and meets Indian standards. The contraption is tamper-proof, deterring burglars from trying their tricks to force entry. You no longer have to leave your comfort zone; see whoever is at the door.

The smart video doorbell can be connected to voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS devices, Androids, and OK Google. You have to give a voice command to the assistant. 

Multi-User Sharing


The smart video doorbell has a Multi-user sharing feature, which sets it apart from the market. Nearly ten people can share the operation of the video doorbell from their end, and that too without spending a dime. Your maid can enter with her numeric passcode at any time you want. Similarly, you can restrict her entry to the home by changing the passcode.

Integration With Other Intelligent Gadgets


Our home needs smart gadgets that instantly put us on guard by warning us of various threats around us so that we stay safe. The PIR motion detector captures every little movement, and instantly, a message is sent to the users. Finally, you can integrate the smart video doorbell with other smart home products to create an automated home ecosystem that increases the security of the family members and keeps them protected.

For this, the best video doorbell by L&G is a boon that enhances your security levels. The smart video doorbell has a Full HD camera, two-way audio communication from anywhere in the world, and compatibility with Smartphones, tablets, and voice assistants. Your family feels secure and protected at all times. 

Not only this, but the video doorbell is also very convenient for people facing mobility issues, such as elderly adults and young kids. Getting up to check the door every time the bell rings can be tiresome. Now, you can quickly check on the door through the app and take corrective action immediately. Increase your home security now.



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