Biggest Smart Switch Board Brand In India

Biggest Smart Switch Board Brand In India

It can be tedious to get up and answer the door, switch on the lights or adjust the fan repeatedly. Isn't it convenient if you can sit in one place and manage all these jobs from your smartphone or command a voice assistant to do the needful? Leccy & Genesis, the Biggest Smart Switch Board Brand In India, makes this possible for its customers with the Best smart switchboard and many other smart home products!



German-engineered products to meet Indian standards:

Give your home a modern touch and digitally replace the home lighting system. L&G provides its clients with German-engineered contemporary smart home devices to control the lights and appliances from a distance through voice activation, a smartphone app with a digital interface, and so much more.



Available in vivid colours:

Made out of superior glass and plastic material, the smart switchboard, with its intelligent touch, is available in vivid colours. The plastic board comes in beautiful grey, sea green, black, and white hues, whereas the glass switchboard is showcased in Bronze, black and white shades.



Safe and dependable switchboard Permits customization:

 The UL-certified Smart switchboard is a dependable piece of equipment that can be customized according to the client's needs. You can alter the colour, switches and plugs by placing an order with L&G. If you want to upgrade your home and save on power and money, then this is the ideal way to convert your traditional house into a smart, automated and efficient home.



The smartphone-controlled energy-efficient switchboard:

Control your smart switchboard and other electrical gadgets through a smartphone app. Please replace your traditional switchboards with the Leccy & Genesis smart switchboard for a relaxed, stress-free life. Now, turn the lights and fans on or off with the help of your smartphone from anywhere. This innovative switch plate lets you control different gadgets and automate your home. The intelligent switchboard can make your home an energy-efficient asset. Controlling gadgets from a distance is possible only with path-breaking technology offered by L&G.



Convenient and easy:

Link your smartphone to the switchboard through  WiFi and manage the electrical gadgets in your home. Life can be easy and convenient for older adults and family members with mobility issues. Even you! If you're tired, you don't have to get up and switch on the fan or the AC. You can easily do this while sitting in the car and driving back home.



Plastic and glass switchboards:

The smart switchboards are sleek, aesthetically appealing, and very sophisticated. The glass and plastic switchboards are sturdy and robust and can help control different appliances and gadgets from a common source. 



Voice assistants:

The L&G smart switchboard has switches that support Voice assistants like Alexa, OK Google, and Siri. All you have to do is give a voice command, and the gadgets will instantly respond to the command given. 

You can dim the lights, turn on the ACs, or turn off the switchboard whenever desired. The lights, fans, doorbells, ACs, plugs, television, and switches can be plugged into the smart switchboard and become smart devices. The intelligent switchboard takes over their control and turns them on and off according to the command. You can customize the devices plugged into the switchboard to suit your needs and command customized scenes whenever possible.  



The Retro and Roma Fit:

L&G smart switchboards come with the Retro and Roma Fit, and customization qualities allow easy board installation wherever you want within the present wiring system. Nothing has to be changed, and there are no alterations because the board is easy to use. Moreover, the switchboard has a 3-year warranty and a fabulous backup system. 

Having full control over the Home Appliances makes life easy. Older adults don't have to rely on others to open the door or turn on the fan. The hands-free gadget control is very convenient for them. 



Automation and scheduling time

Now, dimming or increasing the brightness of a light is possible at the exact time you want. Commands can be adjusted and scheduled according to need. Let us explain further. Scheduling the "turning on and turning off" time for the appliances and gadgets is an excellent way to save electricity and prevent unnecessary power usage. 

You can now schedule the timings for the electrical goods to turn on/off. L&G switchboards can help monitor excess energy units and reduce electricity bills to save money. The fans, TVs, lights, etc can be operated with the switchboard. There is also the possibility of remote monitoring, and you can shut off the gadget not in use from far away. Electricity and power can be controlled according to need through hands-free control. 

Style is in. Adjust your home lighting innovatively and make it radiate with beauty. The smart switchboard by Leccy & Genesis, the Biggest Smart Switch Board Brand In India, is your home's stylish and intelligent asset. Anyone can control several devices interconnected through the switchboard from far away, making your ordinary house into an integrated smart home ecosystem. 

With its user-friendly interface, the smart switchboard can be easily operated by everyone, regardless of the age barrier. Give your home the intelligent touch and save money with the energy-efficient smart switchboard from L&G. 

Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.