Choosing Right Fit: Leccy and Genesis LED Smart Switches in India

Choosing Right Fit: Leccy and Genesis LED Smart Switches in India

Using old traditional switches with your geysers, ACs, and motors? It's time for a change. Replace the age-old switches with the German-engineered Leccy & Genesis LED Smart Switches in India. These innovative smart switches are the best option to control heavy appliances and other gadgets in a home. It's time to bid goodbye to the physical touch buttons and welcome the new L&G smart switches that are created to suit Indian standards.


The sleek and smart Leccy vs. Genesis LED Smart home Switches are stylishly and aesthetically designed to suit every home and can be controlled from a number of devices. But this is not all; there is so much more to these creatively produced switches. Let us learn more about them:


Use for any device or home:

L&G smart switches provide touch control and are great for controlling ACs, geysers, motors, or other home appliances. The switches have an ideal design, and they blend in with the interior decor of every home. In fact, these switches are aesthetically appealing and look very attractive. The automated switches can be seamlessly integrated into the home ecosystem and blend in beautifully with any color schemes used in the interiors. 



Convenient and easy to use:

Older adults find it very convenient to sit in one place and command their gadgets to act. Every time the fan has to be turned off, you don't have to walk to the switches. Control them from wherever you are sitting. Remote monitoring provides you with hands-free control over all the connected gadgets and lighting in the home. 



Smartphone app and remote monitoring:

The smart switches can be easily controlled via a smartphone app. The fan speed, lighting, or other devices can be easily managed through the smartphone app and an internet connection. Now, you can turn on the lights or shut them off while sitting in one place only. You can control the smart switches from a distance with the smartphone app, and this remote monitoring quality makes these switches a favorite of many. 



WiFi enabled: 

Smart touch switch by Leccy & Genesis is a WiFi-enabled device that can be fit into any place. These WiFi switches can be attached to the present wiring system, and nothing has to be changed to accommodate them. The Retro and Roma fit the quality of the smart switch system, and their excellent looks enable these switches to be put up anywhere in the house. The retrofit design fixes the smart switch easily, like the traditional standard switch. 



Voice-enabled  assistants:

The voice assistants, namely Siri, Alexa, and Google, can be connected to the smart switches, and any command given to them will be followed. Accordingly, you can turn off the AC or turn on the lighting in a room. These devices are ideal for adding convenience to every home. Voice commands can activate virtual assistants, and they can enable you to have amazing control over all the devices connected to the smart switches.




The WiFi-enabled smart switch can be customized to size, and for this, you need to speak to the customer care center and place your order. You can now get the switches you want fixed into a retrofit smart switch board so that you can make your whole home ecosystem automated. Whether it is dimming the lights or increasing the fan speed, you can control this with the customization of smart switches and adjust it according to your needs and preferences. But this must be managed with something other than traditional switches.



Energy efficient:

The convenient smart switches can be scheduled according to a schedule or time. They automatically turn on or off, and this helps save electricity. You can easily control the working of the switches from a distance. Thus, it is easy to turn off a button that you had left turned on when you exited the house. Save electricity with these energy-efficient smart switches; you have complete control over them. Optimize the energy consumption in your home.




If you are not at home and someone tries to turn on the home gadgets, you will instantly get notifications and be informed on time. 



Scheduling and automation:

 Gadgets can be automated with smart switches and a modular switch board. You can schedule the lights, fans, and other gadgets to turn on or off according to a schedule previously set. This can add that extra layer of security for your home with the turning on of lights in your absence and also help you save on the electricity bill. You can control all this with a single click and keep your home safe and protected. Smart switches ensure gadgets and lighting are turned on only when needed, thus limiting power consumption.


 Smart Switch board


Integrating the smart switches helps create a smart, automated home ecosystem. All the gadgets connected to these switches work smoothly with each other, increasing the efficiency and performance capability. You may have to pay a little more for the Leccy & Genesis LED smart switches as compared to the traditional switches, but it is an investment that is worth it. Choose the right fit to automate your home and get the best L&G smart switches in the Indian markets.


Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.