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Common Video Doorbell Problems and how to fix it?

Video doorbells are essential in a smart home and act as security spy cameras. For safety reasons, they provide live feeds, phone alerts, and snapshots of people at the other side of the door. But, problems can arise and may leave you wondering why the video feed is not working or why the doorbell refuses to ring.
Smart Video doorbell may show glitches, so in this article, we bring to you the common video doorbell problems that affect the proper functioning of the smart video doorbell: 


1. Chime is not Working : 


 First, you can switch the chime off and back on again. And then check if there is any light or sound in the chime or not. If not, make sure the socket is not too tight or too loose. Second, reset the settings by pressing the upper button; also, make sure the chime is plugged into the socket. If the issue persists, please contact the company.
There can be some glitches in the wireless video doorbell because of poor connectivity, a lousy Wi-Fi signal, and bandwidth. Resetting the device can solve many problems and even turn on the chimes. Also, you can reduce the devices on the WiFi and see if it starts ringing again. You may hear your favourite ringtone very soon, but extensive professional fixing may be needed if it does not work.

2. What happens if the Video Features are not responding? 


Once again, resetting the doorbell normally gets the video features back. Video issues are generally because of a lack of appropriate bandwidth and internet connection issues, or the doorbell is not fully charged 

3. Connection Issue: 


 It's easy to detect connection issues by loud crackling, buzzing, or humming sounds from the doorbell. Video doorbells need to be connected to the WiFi to operate. During the set-up process, the WiFi is configured with the bell, but if there is no response and the features do not work to their optimum level- the connection has dropped. This shows that the video doorbell is trying to look for the WiFi signal but cannot locate it. 

 Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell
Hence, the Wi-Fi video doorbell functioning gets spoiled, and you may not be able to access the advanced features or hear alerts. In this case, resetting the router again may help. Try to update the video doorbell app or make sure the network band is compatible with the bell. 
Rebooting sorts out lots of glitches in the doorbell and often connects it back again. Remember, if the WiFi connectivity is poor, the online features will keep dropping, and the signal strength will remain poor. Add a mesh router or WiFi extender to strengthen the signal.

        4. Motion Sensors: 


        If the motion sensors are not working, it can render the video doorbell useless. These sensors work in PIR mode. If any motion is detected within the range. Video doorbell camera captures the SCREENSHOT of the  movements around the main door. In fact, they help us recognize the people standing at the front door. How will you get an alert if the motion sensors are not working? 
        The fact is, the video doorbell alexa compatible gadget has sensors that can malfunction and then you won't get video recordings or alerts. If the other features of the smart video doorbell are working, but there are no alerts, you need to reset the app. See if you have disable the motion sensors on the app. The alerts may have been disabled if the timings were inconvenient for you, so turn them back on! The app may have adjustment options or special plans to get the motion sensors back on. 


        5. Is the Video Doorbell shutting down or freezing: 


        Sometimes, the smart video doorbell keeps shutting down whenever you try to use it. You can rectify the problem by resetting the doorbell or checking for a power issue. Many times the poor functioning indicated a battery change or replacement. There may be grime or dust causing the "freezing issue." If you last changed the battery a few months ago, it's time to change it! 

        6. You can't hear the individual at the doorstep:

        This is a common problem if the microphone in the video doorbell is not working properly or there is poor WiFi connectivity. Due to poor WiFi Connectivity or there may be grime or dust in the microphone


        Smart Video Doorbell


        7. Video doorbell does not ring, or the camera is faulty:


        Video doorbell camera or microphone malfunctions primarily because of a power issue, insufficient connectivity issues, a faulty router, camera or microphone replacement, or a setting in the app that can be adjusted quickly. 
        Do keep the voltage levels in mind, as insufficient voltage affects the general functioning of the smart video doorbell. Along with weak internet speed, this is one of the main reasons for the poor performance of a WiFi video doorbell.

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