Curtains up on Convenience: The Rise of Smart Curtain Motors

Curtains up on Convenience: The Rise of Smart Curtain Motors

It's a challenging task for small children, elderly adults, and people with mobility issues to walk up to the windows every time to shut or open them. With advancing technology, people make efforts and strive for better living conditions by availing themselves of the convenience of home automation. Smart curtain motors are an advanced technology that is becoming popular with audiences and allows them to customize the movement of the curtains according to the will of the user. 


The innovative motor system allows curtains to be put up for convenience. The smart curtain opener is the necessity of the hour. These unique gadgets add convenience to daily routines and improve the efficiency of homes. Specific schedules can be applied to cover the windows, and the Leccy & Genesis Wi-Fi Smart Curtain Motor allows the user to create personalized scenes.


Besides providing comfort and increasing convenience, there are several reasons smart curtains have become the ideal choice for homes. Why do you need to get a smart curtain motor for your home to lie back, enjoy, and relax with your family members?



Let's have a closer look



Comfort and convenience:

Smart curtains and smart motors are the best ways to make life convenient and enhance comfort. An app, remote, or voice command can be used to control and automate the curtain motor and make ordinary curtains smart and controllable remotely. You can thus make your ordinary curtains into smart ones through this smart curtain DIY process that makes curtains comfortable and easy to use. Elderly adults face difficulty moving around, and getting up to open the curtains may be an ordeal for them. Smart curtain motors by Leccy & Genesis can be opened remotely, making life easy!





Smart App Control:

Make use of the smartphone app and control the movement of the curtains remotely from a distance. In fact, the app gives a number of family members the ability to manage the smart curtains from their devices through the common app. The curtains can be opened and closed to create the necessary environment around users.



Personalized Ambiance Control: 

Filter that glaring light now! Order the curtains closed so that the light entering the room can be blocked, and the room can become dark if you want to rest. The curtain positioning is in your control and can be adjusted with the assistance of the voice assistants. If you are reading a book or watching your favourite movie, you can adjust the outside light the way you want so that your focus is not disturbed.


Your privacy is yours. Adjust your curtain, and don't let your neighbour look into your home. The smart curtain motor is an asset because it ensures your privacy. Imagine being able to pull the curtains shut by using a voice command or tapping on a smartphone app to adjust the curtains. This is a boon if you are living in a lively neighbourhood overlooking the street. You get privacy with the instantly adjustable smart curtains. 



Control through voice assistants:

Smart Curtains Motors can also be operated easily by commands from voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri shortcut to enable hands-free operations. There is no need to have any personal physical interactions. Voice assistants control the smart curtain motors by Leccy & Genesis, making operations simple for users.



Advanced Scheduling and Automation:

Users can also schedule their curtains according to a particular timetable, and they can open or close according to the pre-decided timings. The curtains can be opened to indicate that it is time to wake up and closed to show that it's evening and time to block out the indoor lights for the outsiders. Get your nighttime privacy today!

These features not only help to make the users' lives convenient but also help in setting a consistent and everyday routine so that the home stays meticulously organized. Smart motors can be an asset to improving the sleeping cycle of the user. 



Ease of Installation:

Smart Curtain Motors smoothly fit into the existing curtain rods or tracks, thus making them user-friendly. They can place and use them as per their needs. The process does not require the insertion of a special tool or force. It is better to hire the company's professionals, but it can also be personally inserted with screwdrivers and measuring tapes from a basic home toolkit. The whole process can be seamlessly simplified and becomes ready to use in no time for anyone.




German engineering: 

Leccy & Genesis smart curtain motors are ingeniously engineered by German technology to adhere to Indian standards. The curtain motors can be connected via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and are under your control through your app. The automated curtains can be scheduled through the smartphone app and operated according to your will within the parameters of specific conditions and schedules. 



Seamless integration to form a smart home ecosystem: -

The smart curtain motors can be flawlessly integrated into the home ecosystem along with other devices to form a smart home ecosystem. All these can be controlled together through smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, OK Google, Siri shortcut, or a smartphone app to integrate the home. The electric appliances can work together with the advanced technology of the smart curtain motors. 



Let us understand this with an example: 

The smart lights in your home can turn off as soon as the curtain motor by Leccy & Genesis opens the curtains in the morning. The smart lighting turns off, and the natural light can be used to light up your home. Living in a lighted home in the controlled atmosphere of a smart home ecosystem makes life for the elderly and disabled easy and comfortable. 



Protect your homes and add a level of security. 

The advancement of home automation resulted in the emergence of innovative smart curtain motors. This gadget helps the user live a secure, guarded, and protected life. You can create an illusion by setting the timing. Even if you are not at home, open and shut the curtains to give the neighbourhood the impression that you are home. On the other hand, you can enjoy a "burglar-free" holiday. People will always feel you are at home while you operate curtains and lighting from a distance.

Fix your preferred routine and open the curtains at will in the morning and close them when you want them shut at night. Manage the light as you want, and guard your privacy this way. The curtain motor silently replaces the manual string and automates your home, making it convenient and comfortable.



Akshay Sharma

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