How IOT & Smart Home Automation Will Change the Way We Live ?

How IOT & Smart Home Automation Will Change the Way We Live ?


Technology has advanced, allowing homeowners to monitor and manage their homes through a common hub.  Your home will be automated once the gadgets are connected through the Internet. Leccy & Genesis has the best German-engineered smart home automation products that can be easily connected to a common central system through the Internet and personalize the user experience to enhance our lifestyles.


What is IOT?


Smart home automation is also termed the “integration of the Internet of Things (IOT)” to control and automate a home with the help of advanced technologies and gadgets. 

When smart home automation is integrated with IoT, it reshapes how we live and dramatically improves the quality of life. IoT and home automation allow us to interact freely within our living spaces. Sitting in one place, you can now easily turn off the lighting in your backyard. You don’t have to get up to do it personally.


Benefits of smart home automation:


The IoT and Home automation system makes it possible by reshaping your home interactions. IOT & Smart Home Automation improves and alters the way we live because they provide us with control from a distance and make our homes energy-efficient, secure, and convenient.


Control all functions remotely: Getting work done by giving commands from far away is an important aspect of home automation.  This feature can be commonly seen in many smart devices, like smart door locks, smart video doorbells, smart curtains, smart switchboards, and smart switches that can be integrated. The unique integration of the Internet of Things, also called IoT gadgets, can help you gain control over different aspects of your personal spaces.


Central control: Smart home automation connects smart devices and allows them to interact with each other through a central hub. The smart door lock, smart switch plates, smart home security systems, smart curtains, etc, are all IoT applications connected to Wi-Fi and used in your home to make life convenient and easy.


Personalize the user experience: The centralized control hub in an app or a voice assistant can coordinate communication between the connected smart devices. The whole system responds to remote instructions from any distance. If you want to turn off the lights, just tell Alexa, Amazon Echo, or Google Assistant to do it. You can shut the lights in the entire house from one place if you have smart lighting. The elders and children don’t have to struggle to reach for the switches to turn them off. They can turn off the AC and fans with a common smart switch, app, or voice command!


Schedule timings: The smart home devices in smart home automation can be accessed through web interfaces and mobile apps, providing centralized control. Furthermore, you can even schedule the “turning on/turning off” of the smart devices at a predetermined time each day to make a routine. Create custom scenes and automate routines. Whether shutting the lights off at a particular time of the day or night or scheduling the smart door to shut tightly after a certain stipulated time when you have left for the movie, you can do everything with the automatic scheduling feature!


Saving on bills: Smart home devices are energy efficient and help users optimize power usage by turning off the gadgets through smart switches. The automated features of the smart switches connect devices to a common switchboard and help lower the electricity bill and control energy wastage. Automated lighting lets you monitor devices. 


What Are the IOT Applications that can be used in your smart home?


Smart home security systems 

Smart door lock

Smart video doorbell

Smart switches
Smart switch board

Motion sensors, etc, together.


These smart gadgets upp the security level in a home. The smart motion sensors on the smart video doorbell and smart door lock detect movements near the doorstep, and a notification is immediately sent to the Smartphone app. Suspicious activities are instantly noted, and strangers, thieves, or burglars are caught on the high-definition cameras. In this manner, you can refuse access to strangers or create a false illusion that people are in the home.



Akshay Sharma

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