Smart Doorlock

How Leccy & Genesis Smart Door lock are changing the way we live ?

WiFi door lock are the new-age wonder that revolutionized safety, security and how we live. The enhanced convenience, constant monitoring, pathbreaking protection, and control over home access has changed our lives dramatically. These door locks are changing the way we live and are here to stay. The Smart locks' advanced technology and high-tech features protect us with convenient access and security. Let us see how:

Keyless Entry:

Smart locks are hands-free devices and eliminate the requirement for traditional keys. Undoubtedly, physical keys can be duplicated or lost; thus, using alternative "entry" methods that can authenticate entry is a boon. 
These include biometric recognition such as fingerprint recognition, PIN codes, Bluetooth, and smartphone connectivity to unlock and get access to the home. Creating a unique code personal to the family and close members or using a Fingerprint door lock reduces chances of unauthorized entry and theft to a great extent. 

Advanced Authentication:

L&G Smart Door lock for home comes with 6 - in - 1 unlocking feature. Anyone can't just walk into the house anymore; they need to enter security credentials before entering. Advanced authentication adds an extra layer of security because intruders cannot bypass the lock. 

Remote Access:

Smart locks can be easily controlled from a distance or remotely from anywhere in the world through a web interface or a smartphone app. You can easily unlock your door from anywhere and let your trusted guests enter before you return home. By the way, did you leave your home door unlocked by mistake? You have remote access, so that you can lock it now!



Convenience :


Nobody can enter your home without your permission if you have a Smart Door Lock for your home. The remote monitoring feature sends alerts and notifications to warn the owners when someone try to forcefully entry. You don’t have to rush and answer the door when the bell rings. Let in your child without having to make the effort to get up. Isn't that convenient? 

Guest Management:

You can organize and schedule temporary access for your guests at a party you plan on a weekend or let the maid enter the premises. You don't have to hand them the physical keys to the home; you can share the Passcodes for access. This virtual key can be scheduled to expire or shut down after a stipulated time period. Time-limited access PIN codes can also be handed out to tenants, service providers, guests or helpers. You have complete control over your home entry, which adds to the security and safety of your home. 

Alerts and Notifications:

If someone tries to mess with the WiFi door lock, you'll instantly get tamper alram notification. Forceful entry or tampering with the Digital door lock is instantly recorded, and an alert blares. Hence, this increases the security of the home. L&G Smart Doorlock helps you to protect from any theft.
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