What makes the Leccy & Genesis video doorbell unique ?

What makes the Leccy & Genesis video doorbell unique ?

Is someone at the door? You can check them out and talk to them from wherever you are without being there. That is the unique and dependable Leccy & Genesis video doorbell for you. The bell is a path-breaking innovation that gives you control over the front entrance of your home.


You can sit back in your comfort zone while talking to your guests via two-way communication through the video doorbell. The doorbell has an ace up its sleeve- it is compatible with almost all tech gadgets, such as Alexa, Ok Google iOS devices, Androids, and Echo devices. Only some of the doorbells provide this connectivity, which is why the L&G doorbell is rated as unique and one of the best! 


The super clear high-definition video feature lets the owner answer the WiFi video doorbell instantly and provides crystal-clear two-way communication. The two-way communication has an excellent audio output making it comprehend the conversation effortlessly. 


L&G Video Doorbell is the best video doorbell in India. The range of the video doorbell is impressive, as you can communicate easily from far, even across borders.There are a plethora of similar products available, but having a smart video doorbell from Leccy & Genesis is a great idea because of the precise viewing angle adjustment that adjusts the viewing angle, so much so bringing the person at the door in the exact line of sight. Improving the line of sight and adjusting the viewing angle helps improve visibility and visitor identifiability.



The smart video doorbell can be fit anywhere and can be adjusted in a door of any size. It's portable and can be carried anywhere. In this manner, you can take it and fix it wherever you want to. Isn't it convenient? The video doorbell is made of sturdy material that can stay strong for years. You can even fix the WiFi video doorbell all by yourself. Call it your "Do-it-yourself" project. It is that easy to set!


Why do experts recommend using the Leccy & Genesis video doorbell? Another reason for this is the Tamper detection feature. The moment someone tries to damage or tamper with the video doorbell, it resounds a loud alarm warning, and you can take corrective action immediately. It is anti-theft!

Every time the bell detects a movement, the sophisticated motion detector captures a picture and notifies the owner of the activities and movements around the front door. Remember, your safety matters to Leccy & Genesis, and they take care of safeguarding you!


Moreover, most other video doorbells available in the market have a black-and-white vision at night. The wireless doorbell offers colored night vision visibility up to 22 feet, and the stark, clear-colored picture of the L&G video doorbell at night makes it stand a class apart. 

The Leccy & Genesis WiFi video doorbell records crystal clear videos till about 22 feet and continues to render the best services even when the light is dim. The superior night vision camera comes into play and catches explicit images right away. You don't have to struggle to see who is at the door. Instead, you get a clear view of the person standing at the door and can talk to them in your safe and secure environment.


Low battery is a major fallout in many sophisticated gadgets and video doorbells, but not with the Leccy & Genesis smart doorbell. The low battery reminder beeps a warning tone and asks you to recharge it on time. Also, the battery stays recharged much longer than most video doorbells on the market. Charging is super convenient and can be done through the doorbell adapter. A single charge can last almost two months. Isn't that fabulous?


Leccy and Genesis understand the customer's needs, which is why a complimentary chime is offered with the video doorbell. Moreover, you have 50 tunes, out of which you can choose your favorite. The chime can be easily plugged into a socket and then paired with the doorbell to start singing its tune. You can even adjust the volume to suit your ears. Is there anything else you can ask for?

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