Customized Smart Switch Board

Tailor Your Smart Home with Customizable Smart Switch Boards by Leccy & Genesis

The Customized smart switch boards are designed to make life convenient with enhanced control over smart home systems. L&G smart touch switch boards are seamlessly integrated with advanced German IoT technology. They can be controlled through voice assistants, mobile apps, or by connecting to a home automation system.

Customized Wi-Fi switch boards increase energy efficiency and control other plugged-in electrical devices. Let us see the benefits and salient features of the best customized touch switch boards offered by Leccy & Genesis:


Customized Smart Switch Board: 


Customized smart touch switch board by Leccy & Genesis offer flexibility in terms of looks, design, color, and configuration. You can tailor it to match the interior decor or design it according to your requirements. 


The Customization of the "app-controlled" switch board includes flexibility in the choice of colors, materials, labeling, sockets, buttons, configuration, layouts, etc. The Wi-Fi Switch Board can be personalized as per your needs with the help of touch-sensitive panels and programmable buttons. You name it, and it can be customized for you. For placing customized orders, contact customer care support 818181-0654.


Leccy & Genesis offers customized Wi-Fi touch switch boards, so if you live in a 3-bedroom apartment  or a 4-bedroom house, you can get a switch plate designed according to the basic and luxury appliances fixed in your home. 


For example, for your room, you can buy the L&G 12 Module Smart Switch Board with a size of 220 x 160 x 45 mm, or you can opt for the L&G 6 Modular WiFi Smart Touch Switch with a size of 220 x 90 x 45 mm, or you can get the 8 modular or 4 modular. This is just an example; there is an extensive variety of switch plates offered by the company displayed on the official website. You can check these out and choose what you want.  


If a customer has 4 lights, 1 AC, 1 fan, and a few sockets that he wants incorporated into the switch plate, he can get the switch combination he desires. All he has to do is call this number and ask for the needful. Leccy & Genesis are experts in creating goods according to customer needs, and customization is their key offering for their treasured customers. 


Moreover, if you have other specifications, Leccy & Genesis promises to create them for you.  First, check out the variety displayed on our website; if you cannot find the right combination there, then give us a call at 8181810654 and order what you want. 

Compatible with OK Google &  Alexa : 


L&G Smart Switch boards can be controlled and operated with OK Google, Alexa, Siri Shortcut, etc., providing the user with a perfect hands-free experience with voice commands. These compatible devices support voice commands from popular voice assistants like Apple, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa and can be easily integrated and controlled through these assistants. 


WiFi Smart Switch

Scheduling On/Off Timings: 


The WiFi smart switch board can be scheduled to turn off and on as per the customer's requirements. User-defined timings can be planned, and the switch board will respond to the commands accordingly, making life super easy and organized. 

Leccy & Genesis Smart switch boards come with scheduling functionalities. So, set up schedules or timers for different gadgets to turn on/off at specified times. Let's take an example: Life can be very comfortable for older adults and people with disabilities if the lights, door locks, fans, AC, etc. can be scheduled to turn on automatically every afternoon or can be switched off after a specific period from anywhere.


Smart Touch Switch Board

Smart Connectivity: 


With the best customized smart switch board, you can control and manipulate the connected gadgets and appliances from a distance. Now, you don't have to worry about turning off the lights even when you are far away from home. This feature lets you control the house's fans, lights, and other electrical appliances using a smartphone or tablet smart app.

Customized Wi-Fi switch boards are wireless and can easily connect to smart devices and home automation systems. This connectivity allows monitoring and controlling the connected gadgets through the smart switch from a distance. 

WiFi and Bluetooth: 


The best customized smart switch panel by Leccy & Genesis can be controlled by a smartphone anywhere worldwide. Now, you can give a command, and the WiFi connectivity helps control the devices and appliances plugged into the smart switch panel. 

Integration with other smart home systems: 


L&G Wi-Fi switch boards can seamlessly integrate with home appliances and ecosystems. This allows total user control by integration with other smart gadgets such as home appliances, smart security systems etc. This integration enhances the convenience and efficiency of your smart home. Connect the security systems, sensors, door locks, doorbells, AC, lights, fans, etc. and create a comprehensive smart home ecosystem.

Retro and Roma Fit: 



The advanced Retro and Roma Fit features permit standard switch panel to be replaced by smart switch board without any rewiring. Installing the best customized smart switch plate is simple and easy, and the existing wiring poses no added complications.

Energy Monitoring: 


The energy monitoring capability of the best Wi-Fi switch board by Leccy & Genesis places the device in a class of its own. The smart touch switch board can track and help control energy consumption with its advanced features. This allows the user to monitor and optimize energy usage, indirectly helping in cost savings.

The capabilities and advanced features of WiFi switch boards vary. Leccy & Genesis is a company that specializes in the best customized smart switch panel. For further information, visit the website or contact the customer support system for up-to-date and accurate information on the exclusive product offerings.

Leccy & Genesis offers customized smart switch boards,  so if you live in a 3 BHK or a 4 BHK, you can get a switch plate designed according to your requirements. First, check out the variety displayed on our website; if you cannot find the right combination there, then place a call at 818181-0654 and order what you want. 

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