Modernizing Indian Homes: Leccy and Genesis Smart Switch Board Solutions

Modernizing Indian Homes: Leccy and Genesis Smart Switch Board Solutions

If you intend to modernize your home, then it's time to replace the traditional switchboards with the Leccy and Genesis Smart Switch Board Solutions. It is time to introduce our homes to modern smart gadgets and integrate our living spaces with advanced technology. This allows us to improve the electrical infrastructure and increase efficiency and control over different gadgets to make life convenient. 


We have the answer if you want a contemporary and upgraded way to control the electrical devices used in your home. The Smart Switch Board by Leccy & Genesis have radical features such as energy monitoring, remote control, and automation and can be integrated smoothly into the home ecosystem. Let's learn more about this. Now, modernizing homes is an easy task. All you need to do is fix a smart switchboard and plug in different gadgets! 


Why do we need a smart switchboard to modernize the home?


Traditional switchboards can be replaced with intelligent switchboards from Leccy & Genesis. Let us see why:


Made by superior German IoT technology:

 Add The Leccy & Genesis German-engineered innovative smart switchboard to make your home space perfect. This unique gadget has been creatively designed by German IoT technology according to Indian standards, making the home ecosystem complete.



Smart Life App:

Your home can be converted into a modernized space that is flexible and convenient for people. You can control the gadgets connected through the switchboard from wherever you are sitting with the help of a smartphone app. The smart life App can control, monitor and manage all the gadgets from a distance. You can connect the WiFi smart switches to the app and then control them. Just click a few keys and give the command you want. 

Now, whenever you open the door, you don't have to get up and walk to it; press the keys, and you are done. Aged adults and immobile people can use the smartphone app to manage different gadgets from a distance. For this, you have to add the switches to the app and then give a name to each one so that you can control them how you want. 



Responsive touchscreen:

The smart switchboard by Leccy & Genesis permits multiple users to access the gadgets through the smartphone app. A single touch on the app or the fast, responsive smart switch touchscreen can help you control different home appliances simultaneously. The Responsive Touchscreen switchboards are the need of the day because of their user-friendliness. The smart device that helps automate the home responds to commands instantly and is very sensitive to touch. The interactive control panels and smart switches feature path-breaking high-resolution touchscreen displays, giving users several control options to manage the smart devices in their homes. 





Retro and Roma fit:

Retro and Roma fit features in a smart switchboard ensure that the board can be easily fixed into the present wiring of the home. No extra changes must be made; these are easy to install and highly user-friendly. You can ask a professional by Leccy & Genesis to fix the switchboard and convert your traditional home into a smart home. Homeowners can hire a professional to ensure the smart switchboard is appropriately installed and integrated into the present wiring of their homes. 



Voice assistants:

The smart switchboard is an excellent replacement for the ordinary switchboards of your home, and it can be easily controlled by Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc. Moreover, your commands can control each switch individually once connected to the switchboard, even if it is a 12 module switch board. 



Smart connectivity and Remote control:

The smart modular electric board can be controlled from a distance. Your physical presence is not required, and you can turn the switches on and off from a distance with smart connectivity.



Customized smart switch:

 The smart switchboard perfectly combines smart technology and wireless communication. Not only can they automate your homes, but these Leccy & Genesis switchboards can also be customized according to client preferences. You can replace the manual switches and embrace the functionality of the smart switchboards by Leccy & Genesis. Talk to the customer care unit, state your preferences, and you can increase or decrease the number of switches as you want or even get the colour you prefer out of the company range offerings.



Energy efficiency:

Energy efficiency is another significant contribution of the smart switchboard to your home. The prompt on and off feature will help you turn off unnecessary gadgets, such as fans, lights, AC's, etc., when not in use. This helps cut down on power consumption. 



Schedule a time:

 On and off conditions can even be scheduled for a particular time with smart home automation. You can schedule a particular time or set up a daily routine for the fans, lights or other gadgets, thus saving a lot of electricity and money.



Smart connectivity:

Now, there is no chance of anyone tampering with, turning on, or turning off gadgets without you being notified. When the switchboard is operated, the notification facility provides an alert, and all the family members logged in with the app will get a message.



Security Features:

The scheduling and routine feature of the smart switchboard can help the user randomize lights and give the impression of an occupied home to an intruder. This is a great way to enhance the security of a home.



The modern and sleek design of the smart switchboard by Leccy & Genesis adds beauty to your home. With its sophisticated visual appeal, the gadget blends smoothly with the interiors and looks aesthetically beautiful, making it a preferred choice for many. Voice commands and a smartphone app help users remotely control appliances, lighting and other gadgets, creating a convenient and efficient home environment. 


The intelligent switchboards are revolutionary and technologically advanced gadgets by Leccy & Genesis. With its superior safe and secure crafting, it automates a home and makes life very convenient for people. The gadget provides short circuit and overload protection and is created from superior, dependable materials. 


Remote management and intelligent automation allow us to save power and become money-efficient. You need to understand and select innovative products carefully to meet your needs. Homeowners can take consultations from the Leccy & Genesis professionals, install a smart switchboard, and integrate other devices into the automated home ecosystem.


Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.