Most Affordable Smart Door Lock

Most Affordable Smart Door Lock

Leccy & Genesis security systems present the audience with futuristic and functional locks that combine remote security with customization. What is a smart door lock system in reality? Leccy & Genesis's innovative electromechanical best smart door locks for home can be connected with Wi-Fi to turn the door on and off through a common control hub. 

All doors can use cutting-edge security technologies such as digital door locks. Installing these locks over the current door will increase security and make lives easier. The smart gadget includes several useful functions that simplify and improve life, including: 


German IoT technology:


The Leccy & Genesis automatic door lock system is made with German technology and has a sleek design. These smart door locks in India fulfil Indian norms and allow visitors to enter the home with 4-in-1 unlocking features, including a manual key. The door lock is a visually pleasing contraption with a modern, edge-arc design that looks good and is very appealing on the outside and inside, houses, or workplaces.   


Automatic locking:


The smart Door lock has an automatic locking feature, so you don't have to rush back to shut the door if you leave it open; it will automatically close after a stipulated period. This is ideal when you have careless young children and forgetful old parents in your home. 


Get the most affordable smart door lock for your home and notch up the security standards of your residential abode. Leccy & Genesis offers the best smart door lock with free installation for just Rs. 6999/—and that too with a 12-month warranty. This lock is a game changer with its 4-in-1 unlocking options: fingerprint, RFID Card, Password, and Manual Key, and it is available at amazingly low rates compared to other smart door locks of a similar genre.


Permanent, temporary, one-time Home access:


You can grant family members permanent access to the door lock and temporary Numerical passcode entry to the domestic help and house service. The lock also provides one-time access with a password for unexpected visitors and part guests. The smart door lock can accommodate access for 100 fingerprints, RFID cards, and passcodes in each session. 

The door lock batteries can be changed if they become low. The tamper-proof alarm gives a loud notification if someone tries to tamper with or damage it. People living in either owned or rented accommodation can afford this smart lock for their homes. 


Biometric fingerprint: 


With fingerprints placed against the touch-sensitive panel of the smart door lock, you can gain entry to the home in seconds. That is how a smart door lock works! Is the Leccy and Genesis smart door lock an enduring fixture for security and safety? Undoubtedly, yes!

Establish a connection between the door lock and use the fingerprint to access the “open-or-close-the-door” functional feature for ease of use. This is an intelligent and inventive approach to entering the home utilizing a fingerprint out of the four unlocking options. The fingerprint door lock can be attached easily to a metal or wooden door and smoothly adjusted in the available space in the existing wiring system by anyone.


Numeric passcode: You can use the numeric code for your guests for keyless entry. People can enter by pressing the numeric code on the keypad, and the door will automatically open. This is a great way to prevent strangers from walking into your home and also prevents the constant darting to the main door to open it if you are having a get-together at home. The code expires and can be removed after the party, preventing entry after the stipulated time. 


RFID card: You would have seen this card often used at hotels and offices. The card is swiped through a slot, and the door lock opens when the system recognizes it. The owner provides the user with the RFID card, and the gate opens when used. 


Manual key: The 4-in-1 locking systems are incomplete if the Wi-Fi is not working. Leccy & Genesis thinks of all kinds of eventualities and has you covered now with our emergency key. What if the smart lock is not responding due to some emergency glitch? You can use the physical key at your disposal to enter the home or close the door. Contact us, and we can set it back into action. 


The 4-in-1 unlocking options of the affordable and cheapest smart door lock by Leccy & Genesis provide users with multiple access to their homes. This lock is a game changer and one of the best options to improve security. The door lock works amazingly well for residential and commercial buildings because of its unbreakable security features. The smart device provides a superb keyless experience and a one-year warranty. Just go online and contact customer care services to get the company executive to install the smart door lock free of cost.

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