Redefining Convenience: Leccy and Genesis Smart Switch board Perks

Redefining Convenience: Leccy and Genesis Smart Switch board Perks

The smart switch board by Leccy & Genesis redefines convenience and provides you with several advantages and increased control over different gadgets in the home. A smart switch board, which typically includes smart switches and outlets, offers several perks and benefits that contribute to convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced control over your home. Here are some perks of having a smart switch board:



Get a smart home:


Home-related devices are ideal for converting home spaces into modern areas to live in. Using a smart switch board, you can transform your home into a smart home. All you have to do is plug the appliances and devices into the WiFi switch board. The switch board is an integral part of the home automation ecosystem, and you need to incorporate it as soon as possible to enjoy living in comfort in a smart home.



Control with a smartphone app:


A smart switch board can control whatever is plugged or connected into it, including ACs, fans, lights, or hardwired devices and home appliances. You can manage these devices by giving commands through the smartphone app connected to the home WiFi network. 



 Distance monitoring:


The smartphone app also offers remote control rather than control from a distance. You can easily turn the lights, fans, and other devices on or off from a sweep through the smartphone app or gadget. It's easy to unlock or lock the door when needed. Now, giving access to friends and family from far away is a possibility because you have the Leccy & Genesis smart switch board to rely on. In fact, you can call the switch board the command center in the house that controls all the devices.



Voice assistants:


The smart switch board can also be connected to Alexa, Google, or Apple voice assistants. The gadgets immediately respond to the voice commands given to the voice assistants. Leccy & Genesis smart switch board reacts quickly to the orders delivered. 



Attractive colors and dimensions:






The smart switch boards offered by Leccy & Genesis are available in different beautiful colors and dimensions. Choose the switch board size that suits your needs and preferences and matches the interiors and decor of your home. 





The personal preferences of clients are responsible for the choices they make. If you need to customize the switch boards, change the color, or alter the number of switches, you can call the customer care center and place your order with the company. Now, you can have a switch board designed or personalized to your choice because, for Leccy & Genesis, the customer is the priority. People may use their voice assistants, apps, or a tablet to control their smart switch boards.



Convenient and easy:


Switches connected to the touch smart switch board are a boon for older people and people with mobility issues. The various gadgets in the home can be connected to form an integrated home ecosystem, making life very easy and convenient for the family members. Customers can program the touch switch board according to their needs and control the different devices in their home through touch, smartphone apps, voice assistants, or other devices. Several devices can be integrated to make your daily living more convenient and easy. In fact, the Leccy & Genesis smart switch board perks include "Redefining convenience" for its clients.




Schedule the lights, fans, ACs, etc, to turn off or on:


You can program the lights to turn off or turn on at a particular time every day by scheduling it. You can schedule the air conditioner to turn on at the same time every day.





Improved security:


You can connect the security systems and alarms in your home to the switch board and control them at will for tighter and better security. 



Energy-efficient and cost-saving device:


Leccy & Genesis smart switch boards help save electricity because now you can turn off lights, fans, or other appliances from afar with an app. No more wasting power; give a command and turn off the lights. This is an ideal arrangement because many times we forget to turn off the lights before we leave the house. In this manner, you can also cut down the costs. Smart switch boards are a power-saving and cost-cutting option that most people would love to have in their homes because they can help them significantly.



The switch board automatically responds to the commands. Imagine calling out to the switch board to turn off the drawing room lights when you are shutting the door. You don't have to walk to the switch board to turn on or turn off the lights, fans, or other gadgets. The smartphone app can help you manage all these actions.



Add extra security to your home. Connect your home security devices to the smart switch board and creating smart scenes at will. If you can schedule the lights to turn on or off with the Leccy & Genesis touch screen smart switch board, it deters potential burglars from entering homes. Notifications and alerts also keep you vigilant and guarded. Living in an efficiently run functional home where you can keep track and have informed decisions about the usage of electricity to cut down energy consumption and costs. It is the best way to redefine convenience in today's world.  


Akshay Sharma

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