Smart Door Lock With Camera

Smart Door Lock With Camera

Finally! Experience one of the most innovative, unique and dependable creations of Leccy & Genesis Smart door lock with camera in India. This smart device is a notch above the traditional door lock system because of its advanced features. Now, it's time for the owner to experience total convenience, increased security, and easy accessibility to the home or office. This electromechanical door lock and unlocks within seconds from an authorized device when connected to the internet.

You can use 6-in-1 unlocking features to gain entry to the home:

In- Built Camera: To “up” the user experience, Leccy & Genesis now understands your need to see what's happening with your eyes! The smart door lock is suitable for all areas, residential or commercial, and comes with a Wide-angle camera that allows you to monitor whatever is happening at the front door. With the help of the high-definition, built-in camera, you can track who walks to your front door or who exits your home at what time.  To increase security and protection, Leccy & Genesis allows you to track the coming and going of strangers, guests, and family members. You can see the visitor from the inside panel of the smart door lock or on the smartphone app. 


In-Built Doorbell: Saving Money On doorbells, with In-Built Doorbell features. Keep an eye on your door step from anywhere. Stay Protected and connected with the help of one solution. This camera door lock is loaded with full features to invade all unknown visitors and help to provide safety from robberies.

Get A Keyless Entry: The smart lock with a camera is not dependent on a physical key because it has 6-in-1 unlocking features. The user gets easy access to the home through a PIN code, Smartphone app, voice assistants, fingerprint scanner, RFID card and an emergency manual key for any eventuality. 

Smartphone App For Remote Access: Are you working in your office, and has your child returned home from school? How will he enter? Press the unlock button on your smartphone app and let your child in. You can even lock the door when he walks indoors. Remember, you are the controller, and with the web interface and mobile app, you can unlock or lock your door from wherever you are! The user receives an instant message if there are attempts at forced entry. If the smart lock is operated or someone tries to unlock the door, the digital door lock with a camera captures the picture and sends an instant notification or alert to the user's smartphone as a warning. These alarms and alerts help add an extra level of security. 


Temporary Access With Numeric Code 

Service providers, guests, and delivery people can be given a numeric code or OTP for temporary access. After their job is done, the OTP can become null and void. The numeric code can also be used to access your household and other regular visitors. The code can be changed at will, and nearly 100 people can enter using it if you want them to! Moreover, you can keep an eye on each of them with the Video door lock camera and restrict entry wherever you want to prevent people from entering. Similarly, temporary access can also be provided through the smartphone app!

The Leccy & Genesis smart door lock with a camera allows two-way communication. With the built-in video door lock system, you can easily talk to the person on the other side of the door and even get a video visual

The Smart Door Locks are compatible with Android and iOS and can be integrated easily with smart home gadgets such as bright lights, security cameras, sensors and other home automation platforms or voice assistants such as OK Google, Alexa, or Apple. The intelligent door lock responds instantly once the voice assistant gives the command. You don't have to get up repeatedly to open or close the door. 

For enhanced security, flexibility of movement and convenient operations, Leccy & Genesis created the popular German-engineered, sleek-Edge-arc-designed, smart door lock system that is perfect for the Indian standards. A simple command on a home automation platform can help you gain control over the locking and unlocking of the smart door lock. 

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