Smart Switch Boards vs. Traditional Switches: Making the Right Choice

Smart Switch Boards vs. Traditional Switches: Making the Right Choice

Choosing between traditionality and smart gadgets is the talk of the day. People get confused because they are comfortable with the age-old products. Ease of comfort, familiarity and proper understanding often make them the first choice. But, here we are talking about Smart Switch boards vs. Traditional Switches: Making the Right Choice.

Intelligent switch boards help in smart lighting and upgrading your home by integrating the whole ecosystem. Select the best smart light options by mixing and matching your choices so that you can have smart lighting for all your rooms with the smart switch board by Leccy & Genesis. Enjoy the luxury and the beautiful tech-savvy products that can help you save time and satisfy your "smart home" needs simultaneously. Let us learn more about this:


  • Sophisticated and stylish:

  • Smart switches are taking over our homes because of their sophisticated performance, stylish looks and elegant beauty. These switches blend in with the interior design to add panache and modernity to the house. There are several reasons why we prefer to choose the smart switch boards by Leccy & Genesis over the traditional switches. It's time to make the right choice.

  • Advanced features:

    The traditional switches may be easy to understand and use. Moreover, these durable and long-lasting pieces are more affordable than wifi controlled switches. Still, they lack essential automatic on/ off control features and cannot be integrated with other smart gadgets.


    Remote control:

    Smart switches can be controlled remotely with a smartphone app and  can be easily integrated with other devices. 



    Integration with other gadgets in the home:

    Smart Touch switch boards can help automate the whole home ecosystem and integrate different devices to make your house a smart home. The gadgets can be controlled from a common source, and the home can be made cohesive.


    Schedule a time and automate your home:

    Schedules can be set on a Wifi switch board. In this manner, you can turn off the lights at a specific time according to a schedule. You can create an automation to suit your needs and save power. Features can be optimized, and energy can be monitored to reduce energy bills.


    White Glass Smart switch plate

    Voice commands through voice assistants:

    As opposed to a traditional switch board, smart touch switch boards respond to voice commands through a voice assistant such as Siri, Alexa, OK Google, etc. and to a smartphone app from a distance away.



    Tech savvy and convenient:

    Times have changed, and we primarily depend on technologically advanced gadgets for convenience and comfortable living. Elderly and immobile adults struggle to get up and turn on the fans, lights and ACs. The intelligent switch board by Leccy & Genesis can be operated from afar, making life easy and comfortable for everyone. Traditional switches do not have the advanced features of a smart switch board. They are simple to manage with limited benefits.    



    Save money and power:

    The smart switch boards can be remotely controlled, and this feature results in potential savings. The energy costs are reduced because the lights and fans can be turned on or off from a distance.    



    Yes, these smart switch boards may be slightly expensive, but they are an excellent deal to make if you invest initially. The features and extensive functionality make them a tech-savvy and valued choice for many. There are a few things that influence the choice of these switch boards, and they are:


    1. Budget constraints
    2. Lack of technical know-how
    3. Specific needs of the individual
    4. Lifestyle choices
    5. Personal preferences    


    You can also customize the switch boards according to need. All you have to do is pick up the phone or contact our expert customer care executives on the Leccy & Genesis website for great deals. Pick the beneficial features you need and get them customized for cost savings. 



    Unique and distinct:

    Modern switch boards by Leccy & Genesis are unique and exceptional. They can make life easy and comfortable. Moreover, they are available in different dimensions, beautiful designs and various colors on the website. 

    Check out the colors or get one designed and customized to suit your needs and interior decor. It can be not very clear to choose the suitable switch board for your house. These intelligent switch boards are beautifully designed, cost-effective, and help save power. They benefit all homes, so why not transform your home with an elegant dash of modernity and technology?

    Smart switch boards have advanced features that add to the functionalities, and they can be easily controlled from a distance with a smartphone and other gadgets. Once set up correctly, they can create scenes, schedule lighting, personalize settings, etc, according to the owner's preference. 

    You can turn on the switches or turn off the fan if no one is around and much before you reach the home. The ease of control and user-friendly switch boards by L&G can connect to other devices for improved automation. Times have changed, and traditional switches need to be replaced because smart switches contribute to cost-cutting and make an energy-efficient house

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