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Smart Technology, Smarter Living: Leccy and Genesis Switchboard Benefits

It can be tiring to get up repeatedly to switch off the fans and adjust the temperature according to different people in the room. What if you must rush to the door to answer while busy elsewhere? All these activities can be exhausting and irritating simultaneously, especially for older people and people with mobility issues. Leccy & Genesis comes to the rescue with its Smart Technology and Smarter Living options. You can now get the L & G smart switchboard and enjoy its benefits.

Make your life easy with the super-sensitive touch switchboard by Leccy and Genesis. This intelligent switchboard is a modern and contemporary gadget inspired by the innovative and path breaking German IoT technology. If you want to add that extraordinary panache to your home and control the home lighting system from a single source-switch to the WiFi switchboard.

All you have to do is use a smartphone app and incorporate voice activation through the digital interface on the switchboard. Now, you can manage the home lighting and different gadgets from a distance by plugging them into this smart device by Leccy & Genesis. Technology significantly influences modern life, and intelligent living is the need of the hour. Let us see the benefits of the smart switchboard:



As mentioned earlier, smart switchboards save their customers from moving around unnecessarily and are a boon for the elderly and immobile people. They are also a blessing for an exhausted office-goer and a tired and harassed housewife slogging over the stove most of the day.


Energy efficient: 

Smart switchboards by Leccy & Genesis are intelligent gadgets that monitor the house's energy consumption. In this manner, you will save money and electricity. Turn off the lights, ACs, fans, etc., from far away when you don't need them, and automatically save power. The dependable and safe UL-certified switches on the switchboard are reliable and secure. To automate a home, you must plug the gadgets into a path breaking innovative L & G switchboard plate.


Voice commands:

Voice commands can easily control gadgets, electrical appliances, electronics, etc through the switchboard. The traditional switchboard does not respond to commands, but these new contraptions can be controlled through voice assistants such as Alexa, OK Google, Siri, etc., and help upgrade your home. Imagine standing in the kitchen and telling Alexa to switch off the lights. The lights will automatically turn off at your voice command, and you don't have to rush from one room to the other to turn off the glare.

Easy to use:

Manipulate the switchboard easily through commands; it is that easy! Knobs, buttons, and switches can be regulated easily, and you can save electricity. These devices are super easy to use and understand. They are super sensitive and instantly respond to the commands through an app, voice command, or other means. You will end up:

  1. Saving electricity with this advanced and innovative technology
  2. Control switches from a long way off through a smartphone app, a touch panel, or a voice assistant.
  3. Environment friendly
  4. Save money


Energy-efficient home with customized lighting scenes: Your home's lighting can be controlled through gadgets designed with the latest German technology. Monitor and optimize the power usage or customize a lighting scene according to preference. Everything is possible with the Leccy & Genesis smart gadget. Dim or brighten the lights- the lighting scenes can be created according to the mood or time of the day. Customize a light setting and relax in the cool, dim light glare. There is a lot of information regarding the smart switchboards offered by Leccy & Genesis on the official website. Log on and surf away. You will get answers to your queries and learn more about the company's smart products.

Monitor the switchboard from a distance: You can use the smartphone app to control your lighting and gadgets anywhere. Turn on the AC when you leave the office to enter a cooled home or turn on the light before entering your bedroom to avoid unnecessary mishaps. Once the traditional switches are plugged into an intelligent switchboard, you can control them from anywhere you want. Switching on the TV from another room is possible and makes life enjoyable and comfortable.

Schedule turning on and turning off: Giving customized and personalized instructions at pre-determined periods through compatible voice assistants will help you organize your home according to the preferences of the family members. You can schedule a fixed time for the appliances to shut on and off when needed.

Leccy & Genesis offers the ideal touchscreen switchboard for your home because of its unique features and ability to keep electricity consumption low. The range of Smart Switch Boards makes your home bright and energy-efficient, so customize and schedule the electrical appliances the way you want. You can do all this by adding a smart switchboard to your traditional home ecosystem. Use voice control or capacitative touch to monitor the different gadgets in your home.

Bring modernity and style to your present home. At the same time, you save on power with the well-designed and functional Smart Switch Board, prompted by the smartphone app and voice-activated technology so that your home becomes organized and convenient.

Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.