Step into Tomorrow: Discovering the Benefits of Fingerprint and Digital Door Locks

Step into Tomorrow: Discovering the Benefits of Fingerprint and Digital Door Locks

Digital locks by Leccy & Genesis are often the chosen security method for offices, homes, hotels, etc, because there are negligible chances of unauthorized unlocking and forced entry. The main objective of a door-locking system is to protect the people in the home and unlock their premises from afar to make them more accessible and convenient.


Is the door lock safe?


Digital locks are much safer than manual locks, and if they are purchased from a reliable company such as Leccy & Genesis, you can rely on their effectiveness. The material quality ensures security, and safety, reassuring the best for its customers. 

Mechanical locks rely on dials, and digital locks depend on a numeric code, fingerprints,  etc, to unlock the safe door. You need to opt for a digital lock system for many reasons. 



Keyless entry:


Living styles are constantly changing. Security has seen a lot of change and is now a priority for everyone. There was a time when the door keys could be slipped under the doormat, but this does not work anymore. You don't have to worry about door keys lying hidden deep in your purse or getting dropped somewhere. The digital doors have upgraded your stature, and you have the virtual key to enter and exit your home. Enjoy this fantastic keyless experience that makes everything so convenient for you. Leave your home security to Leccy & Genesis!



The owner has the power of a virtual key:


The digital door locking system allows users to change codes, passwords, because it's the owner who holds the "virtual key" to everything. You can even have door locks at different parts of the home or building to secure them independently. Home or corporate security demands can be fulfilled by providing exclusive, independent access to people. 



Different ways to gain access to homes:

Smart locks can lock and unlock doors promptly with fingerprint access, an electronic keypad for numeric codes, an access card, smartphone access, WiFi or Bluetooth access, and even a manual key. 





The digital door doesn't lock on you:


You may be locked out of your home if you drop your keys somewhere or leave them indoors. Now, husbands don't have to return from offices to let their wives in, and the door locks aren't forced open anymore. It's a hassle-free experience for all. Digital locks unlock when a fingerprint is pressed on the sensor or a passcode, password, RFID card, or OTP is used. And Voila! The doors open smoothly! Excellent security methods are waiting for you. All you need to do is check out the L&G website. Unique authentication is the key to staying safe!



How does the fingerprint lock operate?


Fingerprint door locks are security devices that work on fingerprint recognition. The authentication and control of entry and exit are done with the help of the owner's fingerprint. Advanced biometric technology is used to identify users. Before using the system, you have to enroll the necessary fingerprints of the users through sensor scanning. The digital lock automatically creates a distinct biometric profile and responds only to the "already-fed-in" fingerprints. 

To open the lock, the user places their fingertip carefully on the sensor on the door lock panel. The sensor responds instantly to scan and compare fingerprints with the stored database. The door unlatches once the fingerprint is verified as an authorized profile. It's as simple as that!

Who walked into your home? Check now!


With changing lifestyles and demanding work schedules, people must be away from their homes for extended periods. Domestic help and children will be coming home at all odd hours. 

Service help standing at the door or hungry kids asking for the door to be opened- all activities happening at the door can be closely monitored through the high-definition camera on the digital lock. Kids can be granted entry anytime because they just have to place their fingerprints on the sensor and enter. Anyone who enters or exits is shown through the camera. 



Don't compromise safety: 

If strangers or thieves take the house keys, it may result in a break-in. Security features in a digital smart door lock accessible by fingerprint help prevent break-ins. You have the power to change or hide the password or code now! 



Customized digital door locks:

Unregistered users cannot access your home because door locks can now be customized to suit the owner's needs. Also, you can safely interact with people standing at the door and even operate the door while you sit watching television in your bedroom. This is a boon for older adults or those who face mobility issues. Now, changing the code or talking to the delivery boy at the doorstep is super easy. Manage and access your home from wherever you are. 

Fingerprint scanners help convert fingerprints into digital biometric templates recognized by the sensors for verification and identification. You can use more than one fingerprint to gain access to a home. Thus, close family, friends, and anyone with trust can use this facility. The fingerprint is packed away in the identification database of the sensors and can be used for access control. The best thing is that there is no "cloud trace" to a fingerprint.

Leccy and Genesis, with their par excellence digital door lock created with advanced German technology, are an asset to every home. Biometric or fingerprint recognition locks provide users with an exceptional, secure, and safe living experience. Numerical codes can be changed, and traditional keys can get lost. 

There is no way to replace or create original fingerprints because you will always carry them. It's impossible to lose fingerprints. Thus, you can imagine how these biometric digital door locks take security to another level. For a fantastic keyless experience and to enjoy convenient entry and exit from your home, change your door locks and go digital with the Leccy & Genesis digital door locks! 

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