Comprehensive and Reliable Security Solution by Leccy & Genesis. High-resolution cameras, motion sensors, and remote access for ultimate protection

The Benefits of Well-Monitored Home Security Systems

As the threat to our safety increases daily, we understand the need for a dependable home security system to protect the home. Getting a professionally monitored home security system by Leccy & Genesis is ideal because it provides a comprehensive and wide-ranging security setup for your home. It includes an ingenious combination of security devices like WiFI Wireless Smart Video Doorbell, smart locks for home, wifi fingerprint smart door lock, surveillance cameras, sensors, alarms, wifi fingerprint smart door lock, Smart Switch Board and control panels.

Let us see how the Professionally Monitored Home Security System works and its various benefits:


1. The home's security system is typically installed by skilled professionals or done in a "Do it yourself" manner according to some pre-set instructions.

2. Several motion sensors and surveillance cameras are fixed on windows, doors, and other entry points. Here we have to talk about the excellent quality of the smart video doorbell, smart locks for home, Smart Touch Switch Board, Smart Touch Switches, and wifi fingerprint smart door lock, offered by Leccy & Genesis. These devices have built-in high-resolution cameras to detect any unauthorized entry, tampering or suspicious activity on the premises, even late at night. 


You can get a clear coloured vision of whatever is happening at the door and around the doorway area till 22 feet away. The crystal clear image gives the owner a clear picture of whatever is happening on the other side of the door. Even small movements can be detected instantly with the motion sensors by Leccy & Genesis. The sensors or surveillance cameras can detect anything unusual and instantly trigger an alarm. A notification is sent to the owner, and an alarm is triggered at home so that somebody can handle the situation adequately. The prompt alert helps the owner immediately assess the situation.



Response and verification:


Upon receiving the alert on the smart app, the owner can instantly take action and inform others or the security personnel via other communication methods to take action and ensure safety. For example, if someone tries to tamper with the smart video doorbell, the owner gets a notification and can take appropriate action to ensure the house stays safe and protected. 



Remote access through mobile apps:


It is an advanced feature that can help the user view camera feeds, thus improving home automation integration.



Motion sensors to detect intruders:


Well-monitored home security systems have motion sensors to detect movement or unauthorized entry. 



Cameras in the smart video doorbell:

Video surveillance through high-resolution cameras help monitor the interior and exterior of the home and identify potential threats in the house. When an alarm is triggered, it alerts the owner, and he can assess the situation according to its seriousness and take appropriate action.



Mobile Access:


A reliable home security system is compatible with an innovative app that allows the user to control and monitor the home security system remotely. You can get notifications and receive alerts on your smartphone. Safety and peace of mind are what we aspire for



Constant monitoring:


You can disarm or arm the system and view camera feeds. At times of fires, emergencies or other situations, homeowners can take instant action and obtain peace of mind by controlling the devices from afar. Also, at one time, you can use other connected gadgets through the Smart Touch Switch Board and Smart Touch Switches, to run your home smoothly and seamlessly by monitoring your home for any signs of intrusion, fire, or other emergencies. They can assess the home situation and take appropriate action, such as contacting the authorities or dispatching emergency services. Prompt response is crucial when every second counts, such as during a break-in or medical emergency.



Comprehensive Protection:


A multi-layered approach where more than one gadget of the home security system is used together offers complete protection to protect the home. Home security systems can incorporate various motion sensors and cameras. This multi-layered approach ensures that your home is protected from potential threats.



A well-monitored system adds flexibility and convenience. It provides remote access to the user and helps them to coordinate with the security of their home and family. You can be available if a rapid response is needed and enjoy safety and security at home. 

Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.