The Modern Doorbell: A Look at Smart Video Doorbells

The Modern Doorbell: A Look at Smart Video Doorbells

When someone rings the doorbell, We are alerted immediately and rush to answer the door.Traditionally, we peep through the keyhole and check the visitor before letting him in. But then technology took over, creating a new generation of video doorbells. What happens if the doorbell does more than it promises? You can now keep an eye on the doorstep from wherever you are and protect the safety and security of the homeowners with the Smart Video Doorbells by Leccy & Genesis. 


Features of a smart video doorbell:


Monitoring the door:

Wifi video doorbells promise to keep the property and residents safe as you can monitor whoever approaches the door. Now, you can check whoever is at the door and whatever is happening on your property through a phone or a laptop and ensure your family members stay safe. Smart video doorbells provide peace of mind and make life very convenient for the owner. You can hear, see and speak to visitors or vendors on the doorstep. 



Use the smartphone app for remote control:

Homeowners also want to keep an eye on their homes and stay connected in some way while maintaining a high standard of personal security. In a traditional setting, people could only peep and see who was at the door from inside. 


Now, they can use a smartphone app to speak and see the people standing at the door before allowing them entry to the home from any place. A mobile app that can be accessed on the smartphone helps monitor and control the Wi-Fi video doorbell. You receive timely notifications and can even talk to people at the door. 


It's easy to remotely check who stands at the door even when you are not home; you only need a smartphone. You can easily detect familiar people and let them in, but deter strangers and courier guys delivering packages from coming inside and threatening your safety.      



Integration with other smart home systems: 

The intelligent video doorbells can be integrated with voice assistants and other smart home devices to make a well-organised home ecosystem. The doorbell can now be monitored via a centralised smart home app and voice commands. 



Motion detection: 

Smart video doorbells by Leccy & Genesis can detect far-away motions and send alerts to your smartphone. You will now be notified if there is any untoward movement and can take timely action to keep your home protected. 



Clear night vision:

The technologically advanced Leccy & Genesis video doorbells offer a clear-coloured, broad-angle view to a far distance at night. Thus, you can clearly see people in the daytime and even in the darkness. The Wi-Fi video doorbells have excellent night vision and permit clear coloured visibility up to nearly 22 feet. 



High-definition camera:

The High-definition camera in the video doorbell is of very high quality and has advanced and sophisticated features for detailed and precise footage. These innovative devices use advanced technology and traditional video doorbells to improve safety and security.



Two-way communication: 

It is essential to monitor visitors in real-time and monitor their movements. There is a built-in mic and speaker to communicate and instruct people at the door. This ensures potential intruders and burglars are kept at arm's distance.


 Unexpected visitors and security threats can be instantly detected. Notifications are sent to the smartphone whenever there is a movement at the door, and you can talk to unexpected visitors and be warned of threats.



Retro Fit Roma Fit: 

No complex wiring is required to set the smart video doorbell in motion- the Retro fit- Roma fit feature allows it to be connected to the present wiring. Once connected to the WiFi network, it's good to go.



Tamper-proof devices:

The Wi-Fi video doorbells by Leccy & Genesis have tamper-proof security features that add to the home's overall protection.




Smart video doorbells are very convenient and allow you to talk to visitors and monitor whoever enters the door without walking up to it. It is easy for older adults and people with mobility issues to keep an eye on the door. 


You don't have to miss answering the door anymore if you are busy with chores in the attic. You have your smartphone to monitor it remotely. If any packages or deliveries are at the door, you can see them and get alerted to any thefts or burglaries. When the Wi-Fi video doorbell by Leccy & Genesis is paired with smart locks and other security systems, it can create an automated and secure home. It's time to live peacefully in a safe living environment. 

Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.