Unlocking Peace of Mind: How Smart Door Locks Enhance Home Security

Unlocking Peace of Mind: How Smart Door Locks Enhance Home Security

In this present era where rapid technological advancement is taking place every second, the concept of home security is also changing for the better. Among these advancements happening in the tech world, smart door locks by Leccy & Genesis are the ideal gadgets to keep our homes guarded and safe against eventualities.

Let us see the benefits of smart door locks and how they reshape how we secure our homes.



Security and Convenience:

Smart door locks by Leccy & Genesis are very advanced and provide a significant upgrade over Traditional locks, which were a favourite for people over centuries. Times have changed, and these locks are now considered inadequate because of increased chances of vandalism and other complex threats. Technology influenced the development of these new “door-key” systems that use biometric authentication and digital interfaces to guard vulnerable homes against unauthorized access by strangers.

German engineered products:

These electronic home-protection digital devices are specially designed to protect our modern homes and have been innovatively created for Indian Standards by using the latest German IoT technology.




Remote operations through a smartphone app:

Smart door locks by Leccy & Genesis have revolutionized the traditional home security system by integrating advanced remote management and convenient safety features for family members. The smartphone app allows Older adults and children to operate the door lock from a distance. You may be away on vacation, but you can see who stands at the doorstep and let them in if you feel like it.


Alert Notifications:

One of the best and outstanding features of smart door locks by L&G are the instant alerts sent on the smartphone. These locks can be connected to a smartphone app and provide real-time notifications on your smartphone whenever the door opens, locks, or is tampered with. This feature ensures you are always informed about who enters or leaves your home, providing the residents with an added layer of security and peace of mind.



Besides biometric fingerprint or fingerprint lock recognition, the smart lock by Leccy & Genesis offers various entry methods, including a Smart App, Numerical Passcode, OTP, RFID Card, and Emergency Keys. You can choose the one you want to accommodate different family members' diverse needs and preferences.


Tamperproof and Security Alert:

An unauthorized person trying to enter the home can be warded off with the unique alarm alert. The homeowners are alerted instantly if any unauthorized attempt is made to interfere with the lock. You can now enhance the overall security of the home two-fold.


Biometric/fingerprint Technology:

The smart lock revolution is here, and these gadgets protect family members because they are biometrically operable. These fingerprint door locks by Leccy & Genesis use biometric fingerprint Technology to offer instant keyless entry. All you have to do is place your finger on the sensitive touch screen and get authentication to enter the home. This biometric fingerprint door lock method is nearly impossible to duplicate and ensures that only recognized and registered users access your personal property.


A clear view of the door:

The smart door lock camera also provides a clear picture of whoever is standing at the doorstep. The door remains tightly shut if there is a stranger or threat at the door. The intelligent door lock by Leccy & Genesis is the best way to notch up the security for your family. Real-time access notifications keep you connected to your home, whether at work, away on vacation, or just out for a quick chilling walk.

Reduce human error by getting a smart door lock for your home:

Forgetfulness can lead to unlocked doors, posing a significant security risk. It is not surprising that kids or other members of the family may leave the door unlocked by mistake once in a while. The door may haven't been shut properly, or there may be other reasons for leaving it ajar. This is where the advantages of Automatic Door Locks come to the rescue.

The intelligent door lock system is a game-changer because it ensures home security by automatically keeping the doors locked after you have stepped out when the feature is activated. Automatic door locks remove human errors by locking the door as soon as it closes or after a predetermined time.


One time Access:

Smart lock also has several accessibility levels for families and others. You can provide temporary access to friends, colleagues, home attendants, service personnel, and domestic help. This way, you don't have to rush to the door to open it whenever it rings. Trustworthy people can be included in the temporary access circle. Also, this works great if you get a call from an unexpected guest who needs entry to your home. The one-time access facility is also an excellent option for a party, get-together, etc. Guests and unexpected visitors can now get access to your home for once.


Battery alerts if the smart door lock needs a battery change:

The low battery feature helps you get an emergency heads up on the power, and you can charge or change the batteries accordingly. Leccy & Genesis takes care of this additional guarantee of continuous operations.

The evolution of Smart door locks by Leccy & Genesis significantly impacts our personal lives. This provides us peace of mind, and adapting to these advancements in smart door lock Technology is critical to staying protected and happy. Smart door lock technology and digital door locks are continuously evolving, and L & G diligently follows the trends, offering peace of mind to its clients through advanced home security solutions.

You can improve the basic security framework of your home. Just add an extra layer of protection by getting easy to install smart door locks by L&G. These locks can be installed in no time because of their retro-Roma fit features. All you have to do is contact us for further details.

Akshay Sharma

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