What is a smart home and what are the benefits?

What is a smart home and what are the benefits?

Technology is supreme and rules our lives. We have entered the golden era of Smart home devices, and everyday living is slowly being transformed and facilitated through enriching communication experiences. In this supersonic world, How can our homes be automated and brushed by the wonder of technology?


What is a Smart Home?


When we refer to a smart home, we mean a home where we can remotely monitor and control all the systems in the house—turning down the heat, checking the temperature, locking doors and windows, switching on lights, choosing favorite songs and turning on gadgets in your home, with the click of fingers. To achieve this, you can add features controlled with a mobile, computer, laptop or tablet to your current home. Just as using a smart video doorbell is a great idea to see who is at the door, similarly scheduling a “turn-off” on your microwave from a distance can also be done.

A special shout-out for Tech-savvy homeowners- get intelligent home technology to convert your ordinary homes into super-convenient and well-connected smart homes.


What are the benefits of a Smart Home?


Easy Accessibility:

You can control your home from anywhere by fiddling with a few buttons on your mobile. Everything is possible through software - drawing shades, clicking locks, turning on remotes, switching lights, fans, ACs, or television. Technology has it planned for you. Guaranteed secure home living provides safety and comfort in a smart home. Home automation technology saves energy and makes the process so convenient and safe!

Save electricity:

If you are worried about the increase in electricity usage or leaving the geyser on, relax! Smart homes do not use excessive energy; you can turn off, on or schedule the geyser timings according to convenience from anywhere. Now, smart lighting with energy-reducing smart power is within the power of your hands. Convert your home into a smart home and save 30 to 40 per cent on energy usage. Go for it- innovative home technology is the future!

Comfortable and easy control:

The home becomes more comfortable because everything is accessible from a distance. When the technological products in the home operate as one and are controlled through one system, we call it a connected home. The thermostat, AC, fans, microwave, lights, locks, security cameras, appliances, television etc., can all be operated from a common device.

Functional and easy to use:

With increased high-tech functionality, home automation helps make life comfortable and easy. All the home products can be managed from one place through a common interface. You need to focus on the”easy-to-use” functional app and tap on its countless functions.


Technology changes with time, but the newer versions can replace the older ones through upgradation. Smart homes have this flexibility and can easily accommodate more modern and impressive equipment.

Make the home safer by increasing security:

Surveillance and security features can be incorporated into the Smart home system for safety purposes. Motion detectors, automated locks on the doors, surveillance cameras, and other security means can be connected to a reliable home automation system.Using a smartphone app activates the devices, keeps you secure and protected so that you sleep in peace.

Smart homes help save money because everything gets perfectly organized and automatic. Before entering a dark room you can turn on the lights or you can put on the geyser if you want hot water from your bedroom. It’s not tough, add the schedule feature to switch on and off feature on the appliances without using extra energy.The apps and the gadgets are very easy to comprehend and can be managed even by small children.

Fun to manage and very easy to use. If you don’t want to get up and try to turn on the lights, you can press buttons on your mobile, and the deed is done. Isn’t that easy?

Smart home products and gadgets are a great way to make our home life more manageable and accommodating. It is very convenient if common everyday use electrical devices are linked to create a well-operated and connected home.

Leccy and Genesis, a reliable home automation company, with ISO Certification offers smart home devices, appliances, gadgets, and electrical fixtures that are connected to a shared network to make a well-equipped smart home. In this manner, people can control the network remotely from afar and gain access to their home equipment 24/7 and save electricity by 30-40%. All you need is a strong internet connection and your favorite Smartphone to work the magic.


Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.