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Smart Home Vs. Ordinary Home. Why should you switch to a smart home?

A smart home is equipped with various internet-connected devices and appliances that can be controlled from a distance through a mobile device or computer. These devices range from smart switches, smart lighting, smart switchboards, smart security cameras, smart video doorbells, and smart locks. On the other hand, an ordinary home operates traditionally and is equipped with devices and appliances that must be operated manually through knobs, buttons, keys, and controls. 

You will be amazed at the fabulous features of the smart gadgets. Let us give you an example of one such device: Leccy & Genesis, the best smart home company in India, offers a path-breaking L&G smart video doorbell created with German iOT technology for the audience detects any activity around the door until about 22 feet away. With crystal clear colored night vision, this doorbell feature helps keep your home safe and secure. 

The digital door locks such as L&G Smart Doorlock, L&G Smart Switch, and other products by this Home automation company come with a reliable GS Certification from Germany and have been created according to Indian standards. These smart gadgets are technically superior and aim at security and safety. They are ideal for protecting your premises from strangers and are a must for every home. Isn't it time we make our ordinary home a smart home? 

Let us see why we must convert our ordinary homes into smart homes. Here are some key differences between the two:


One of the most significant advantages of having a smart home is that it is amazingly convenient and makes life easy and comfortable. You can order several commands while sitting in one place and get the smart devices to respond and work according to your needs. 

With a smart home, you can control your appliances and devices easily. Controlling systems remotely or automatically make your daily routine easier and more efficient. Thus, turning on the lights with the L&G Smart Switch, answering the video doorbell, or locking the doors from anywhere can be done instantly using your smartphone. 



In an ordinary home, you have to go and control these devices physically. Imagine getting up whenever you need to turn off the fans, turn on lights, open the door, switch on the television, etc. Isn't it tiresome?


Energy Efficiency: 

Smart homes are designed ingeniously to be energy-efficient. They use home automation technology and various sensors to optimize energy usage in the house. For example, smart switches can help turn energy on and off, thus monitoring power consumption and helping you save energy and money. 

An ordinary home does not have such features, and you may end up shelling a whopping sum from your pocket for the electricity bill. Smart homes can help you save energy by automatically turning off lights and switches when they're not in use and optimizing appliance use. This means cost savings on your utility bills and saving time, too, because you don't have to exhaust your energies running here and there.


Smart Switch


You can automate tasks and reduce electricity consumption. Turning off lights or adjusting the temperature according to weather conditions is possible. Click a button or speak a command, and voila! The job is done!




Smart homes are much more secure and safe than traditional homes. Real-time monitoring and warning alarms from smart locks and video doorbells, along with clear live footage, can help diminish the chances of robberies, break-ins, and burglaries to a great extent. 

Enhanced safety is always preferred in these dangerous times, and the L&G digital door lock is your answer. Ordinary households use traditional alarm and lock systems for protection. A key is necessary to enter the traditional door, but the fact is, keys can be made anytime, and these doors can be broken into easily. The traditional systems are not safe! Smart homes, with their smart devices, such as the L&G smart video doorbell and the L&G smart door lock, provide residents with a safer and more protected environment. 

Smart homes with the L&G smart door lock help you recognize suspicious activities near the door. The layer of security is increased, and a warning is sent to the owner of this gadget if someone tries to tamper with it. But, on the other hand, an ordinary home and its door can be tampered with as it is protected only by a traditional key. Automatic alarms, remote monitoring, window locks, etc., protect smart homes. People living in the house can become vigilant when their safety is threatened.


The difference in the cost factor: 


If you want to change your ordinary home into a smart one, you must spend some money. Smart homes are a tad expensive; there is no doubt about it. But imagine the amount you save in the future in terms of energy using the L&G smart switch and better security against theft and burglary with the L&G smart door lock and smart video doorbell. Isn't your safety and security worth this extra "one-time" investment? Invest in the initial investment and prevent costly repairs and energy bills by getting a smart home. This way, you can enjoy an efficient, convenient, secure, and energy-saving home for just a small amount of money. 

Improved accessibility: 

Smart homes make life better and smooth for people with mobility or disability issues. You can now sit in one place and turn your lights off with the L&G smart switch board. Not only this, but other smart devices also contribute to a convenient and accessible home. 


Best Smart home devices


Living comfortably and independently becomes possible with the help of this technology; a disabled person can use assistive technologies, remotes, voice commands, apps, and codes to control their smart gadgets and stay secure efficiently. The physical interaction with the devices is minimized to a great extent, and this can be very beneficial for differently-abled people.


As our lives advance, technology will develop leaps and bounds. Smart homes are becoming increasingly common. It's time to bid the age-old devices goodbye and get smart gadgets for your house. So, switch to a smart home and future-proof it with new technologies and the latest trends to enjoy increased convenience, energy savings, security, and accessibility.

Akshay Sharma

Innovative and efficient, smart home automation is revolutionizing the way we live. With a keen interest in enhancing lives through automation, Akshay Sharma explores the latest trends, benefits, and advancements in smart home systems. Join the journey of transforming ordinary houses into intelligent, connected homes of the future.