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Behind the Curtain: Unveiling the Magic of Smart Curtain and Smart Curtain Motors

  • Feb, 21 , 24
  • By Akshay Sharma

As we enter the home automation world, our households become convenient and efficient. Among these innovations, smart curtains and smart motors stand apart, displaying how technological advancements have...

Modernizing Indian Homes: Leccy and Genesis Smart Switch Board Solutions

  • Feb, 05 , 24
  • By Akshay Sharma

If you intend to modernize your home, then it's time to replace the traditional switchboards with the Leccy and Genesis Smart Switch Board Solutions. It is time...

Unlocking Smart Security: Leccy and Genesis Door Locks Reviewed ( A6 & DZ10)

  • Jan, 29 , 24
  • By Akshay Sharma

Let us start by considering why we need a smart door lock. Unlocking smart security is the key to a safe and secure life, and a bright...

Choosing Right Fit: Leccy vs Genesis LED Smart Switches in India

  • Jan, 19 , 24
  • By Akshay Sharma

Using old traditional switches with your geysers, ACs, and motors? It's time for a change. Replace the age-old switches with the German-engineered Leccy & Genesis LED Smart Switches in India....

Brighter Stairs, Safer Home: The Power of Smart Stair Controllers with Sensors

  • Jan, 10 , 24
  • By Akshay Sharma

Leccy & Genesis smart LED stair controllers enhance safety with motion-activated lights, preventing falls. Customizable, energy-efficient, and stylish.

Redefining Convenience: Leccy and Genesis Smart Switch board Perks

  • Jan, 04 , 24
  • By Akshay Sharma

The smart switch board by Leccy & Genesis redefines convenience and provides you with several advantages and increased control over different gadgets...