Unlocking Smart Security: Leccy and Genesis Door Locks Reviewed ( A6 & DZ10)

Unlocking Smart Security: Leccy and Genesis Door Locks Reviewed ( A6 & DZ10)

Let us start by considering why we need a smart door lock. Unlocking smart security is the key to a safe and secure life, and a bright door lock by Leccy & Genesis is the best way to add a layer of protection to your home. Often, when we head out from our homes, we wonder about incomplete tasks and doors left unlocked by mistake. Douse that pang of anxiety. Leccy & Genesis brings you the innovative, German-engineered, dependable and robust A6 & DZ10 smart door locks.


Let's see how the smart door lock by L&G makes your life convenient and comfortable:


  1. Remote monitoring via a smartphone app: An innovative gadget in home security, the smart door lock can be remotely operated. Your presence is not required anymore to lock or unlock the door. Let us explain this further! The smart door can be used from far away with the help of a smartphone app. The door can be opened within seconds. Now, you don't have to keep standing at the doorway rummaging through your purse for the key to open the door manually. With a click of a button, voila! The door opens. Similarly, you can close the door instantly with a few taps on the smartphone keyboard. There is no need for physical keys, and the security assurance is comforting. 
  2. Traditional locks could be broken in quickly, but now the smart door locks have water-tight security features that ring an alarm or send a notification when tampered with. Traditional safety may not be able to ward off intruders, but the intelligent door lock does leave an intruder exhausted and in trouble. Bolts cannot keep people away, but smart door locks protect homes from burglars because you cannot break in. You cannot enter the house without changing the settings and sophisticated verification system. 
  3. The two-factor authentication provides even more excellent protection. Allow only your favourites to enter whenever you want! You have the power to limit entry!
  4. Are you away on vacation? You can permit the maid to enter from miles away because the intelligent door lock offers you that control!


A6 Smart Door Lock:


A6 Smart Door lock by leccy & Genesis


German engineers designed this intelligent door lock offered by Leccy & Genesis, and it comes with a fantastic shiny and sleepy body that blends in beautifully with the decor of homes and offices. This device can be unlocked in different ways and quickly put on single and double glass doors. The door can be opened by:


  1. Numerical Passcode
  2. Biometric sensors such as fingerprint
  3. Infra Red remote
  4. App unlock
  5. RFID card 


Take over the control of your door and guard it with the digital door lock. The lock can be fixed easily on a glass door of about 10-12 mm thickness with or without the frame. The door doesn't have to be drilled or cut to adjust the digital door lock. What are the advantages of getting the A6 for your home?


  1. It's easy for all the family members to have clear access to the innovative glass door lock. Each individual living in the same room can operate the smart door lock and gain access to the home. The multi-user support feature in the smart door lock by L & G is fantastic.
  2. If your door is unlocked or locked, you will instantly get a notification or alert on all the devices connected to or registered to the door.
  3. Have you just exited your home and left the door open by mistake? Rest assured, the automatic locking feature will instantly help you out by locking the door automatically! Your home stays safe under all circumstances.
  4. The multi-lock mode system activates the intelligent door lock and shuts the door after a stipulated time or scheduled time. You can lock or unlock the door at a fixed time according to your preferences.
  5. Remote security: Smart door locks on different home extensions allow you to manage all the smart locks and provide remote protection. Your guests can enter their rooms on their own because of this feature.
  6. Tamper proof: The Leccy & Genesis door lock cannot be tampered with because a sharp alarm rings when someone tries to force the door open or damage it, preventing an intruder from entering.
  7. Security stays intact because you can monitor, lock or unlock the door. Nobody can enter if you don't want it, and there is no compromise on security.


The Leccy & Genesis A6 smart door lock is famous all over because of its remote monitoring system. You can keep an eye on your home from far away and control the check-in of a maid, gardener, friend or guest. The smart door app also alerts you to whoever stands at the door with its excellent security mechanism. 


The DZ10 Smart Door Lock:


Dz10 Smart Doorlock by Leccy & Genesis


But this is not all! Leccy & Genesis always surprises us with new and innovative products, and the DZ10 smart door lock is no surprise. German engineers have made this excellently designed bright door lock to suit Indian standards and offer excellent protection with the best security mechanism in the industry. Now, walk in by just keeping your finger on the sensor. 


The super-sensitive sensor instantly recognises the imprint and controls the access if it is a stranger. You can also maintain a record of the visitors coming to your home or office. Controlled access is an excellent way to upgrade the protection of your home, and the DZ10 provides you with this facility. Let us discuss this innovative gadget by L&G! There are 6-in-1 unlocking options for this tamper-alert device. It can be opened with:


  1. Numerical passcode
  2. Fingerprint scanner
  3. Smartphone app
  4. RFID card
  5. OTP
  6. The emergency physical key is for manually opening the door in a dire emergency.


Use your smartphone to track the visitors coming to your home. Moreover, you can use this device for any door. This gadget has been designed for all types of doors but works amazingly well on wooden and metal doors. Change traditional locks with excellent, intelligent door locks for your home or office.


The automatic shutting feature ensures the door is never left open or unguarded. After a specific time, the door instantly responds and closes, improving your home's security level. Tamper-proof alarms also help with security. 


Control the access for family members. You can hand over permanent access to your close family members and temporary access to your trusted maid and staff. The power to enter and exit can be removed from the quick-access members at any time. You can also schedule a one-time access code for unexpected people or guests at a house party. You can adjust 100 passcodes, 100 fingerprints, and 100 RFID cards for one session.


Don't worry about your home's safety and security anymore; the A6 and DZ10, the smart door lock systems by Leccy & Genesis, ensure your home stays protected. Anxiety can be left aside, and you can enjoy the benefits of an intelligent door lock system now. 


Akshay Sharma

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