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Smart Door lock :-   The Smart Door lock is equipped with the best security mechanisms to enhance protection inside your premises. This Smart Door Lock is built with the latest German technology. This type of...

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Smart Door lock :-


The Smart Door lock is equipped with the best security mechanisms to enhance protection inside your premises. This Smart Door Lock is built with the latest German technology. This type of fingerprint Smart Door locking solution is optimal for both your home and office and ensures controlled access but allows you to keep a log and monitor the visitors through the Smart Digital Door lock. The 6 in 1 unlocking system has a reliable built-in system for Tamper alerts and Instant notifications. This smart door lock is compatible with wooden and metal doors.

  • 6 -in-1 Unlocking Options: The door lock comes equipped with 6 different unlocking methods; Fingerprint Scanner, Numerical Passcode, App, RFID Card (included in the box), OTP, and Emergency Keys (included in the box).
  • Keep a Record of Visitors: With smart door locking, you can keep track of visitors simply on your phone.
  • Suitable for All Doors: Despite the type of building and usage, these doorlocks are suitable for all; best suited for WOODEN and METAL doors, and it can be used for residential and commercial purposes.
  • Automatic Locking: The Doorlock locks itself automatically if it is left unlocked. Additionally, the user does not have to worry about locking the door after every use, providing an extra security layer.
  • Different levels of access: There are three different levels of access provided by the Doorlock: Permanent access, which can be given to family members; temporary access for house service and domestic help; and One-Time Access for guests and unexpected visitors. For each session, 100 fingerprints, 100 passcodes, and 100 RFID cards can be used.
  • Safety and alarm: Apart from the functional alarm, there are various security alarms for added peace of mind. Tamper alarms are built-in to the door lock that sound if someone attempts to damage or tamper with it. You will also be alerted when the batteries need to be replaced by a low battery reminder. Using the mobile app, you can view the battery status and jumpstart the door lock if the batteries are low. You can do this via the USB port located at the bottom of the door.
  • Dual Charging Power:An emergency charging slot is provided for a low battery indication & temporary charging.
  • Remote security: If you own rental properties or accommodations to manage for clients, this is your chance to get smart locks for your doors and say goodbye to the dreadful midnight phone call because a guest is locked out.

Model: DZ10

Lock Size: 255*65mm

Type of Fingerprint Sensor: Semi-conducting Fingerprint Reader

Working Voltage: Emergency power

Fingerprint Storage Capacity (SC): 100 fingerprints

Password Length: 6-12 bits of password for opening the door

Fake Fingerprint Read: Rate (FAR) 0.0001%

Applicable door thickness: 30mm-55mm

Material: Aluminum alloy Finish Black

Unlock/Open door mode: Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card (Smart phone), OTP, App Unlocking, Mechanical Key.

Standard Power Life: Approx 1 year (20 times open per day)

DC: 4.8v (4PCS AA Alkaline Battery)

Code: 100

Comparison time≤ 0.5 sec.

Right Fingerprint Misread (FRR): 0.03%

Ques-What is a Smart Doorlock ?

Ans. The smart door lock is an electromechanical lock which is designed to perform locking & unlocking operations from an authorized device via using a wireless protocol.


Ques-How many different ways can you open the door? 

Ans. You can unlock doorlock with 6 different unlocking options: Fingerprint, Numerical Password, OTP, App Unlock, RFID Card and Emergency Key.


Ques-Can I unlock my door from anywhere when I’m far away?

Ans. Yes, you can unlock this doorlock from anywhere at anytime.


Ques-Is it Alexa Controlled Doorlock?

Ans. No


Ques-Is it battery operated?

Ans. Yes, our locks are 4AA battery operated.


Ques-Can it be fitted to any door? 

Ans. It can very well fit to wooden and metal doors. 


Ques-Would it with any old door lock? 

Ans. Yes, any carpenter can fit it your old door.


Ques-Door size thickness requires?

Ans. The recommended size of door is 30mm to 35mm.


Ques-How does it open from inside?

Ans. From Inside it's just like normal doorlock just push down the handle and lock will open up.


Ques-What about warranty?

Ans. It has 3 years of replacement warranty


Ques-In which city free installation is available?

Ans.There is Free Installation PAN India. However, Outskirt areas may not qualify for free installation; customers may have to pay for associated costs based on the situation (T&C Apply)

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nisha Verma
Seamless Entry-Exit Experience!

The seamless entry-exit feature is a game-changer. Real time notifications is next level

Sanjay Desai
L&G Smart Lock Delivers Effortless Keyless Entry

From the moment I installed the L&G DZ10 Smart Lock, I was amazed by the effortless keyless entry experience. Unlocking the door with a passcode

Sanjay Mehta
Smart Lock with Auto-Lock Feature

This smart lock locks door automatically after few minutes. Very useful because I often forget to lock when going out. Now door locks itself so security is improved.

Unlocking Options: 6-in-1 Smart Door Lock Delight!

This smart lock is a tech lover's dream! Multiple options for unlocking make it versatile and secure. Loving the futuristic feel!

Meera Rathod
Loving all the options on this door lock

I love that the door lock from Leccy and Genesis I installed has 6 different entry options - Fingerprint Scanner, Numerical Passcode, App, RFID Card , OTP, and Emergency Keys . It makes accessing my home so flexible for family/friends.