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Voice-Controlled Smart Homes: How Alexa , Siri and ok google Can Simplify Your Life

  • Jun, 21 , 24
  • By Arshpreet Gaba

Creating a smart home with home automation is a mammoth task. Still, you can have a convenient and more fruitful life with voice commands and...

Smart Home Security: Protecting Your Home with Technology

  • Jun, 13 , 24
  • By Arshpreet Gaba

Smart home security systems have become an essential commodity for many homes because they offer an additional line...

How IOT & Smart Home Automation Will Change the Way We Live ?

  • May, 04 , 24
  • By Arshpreet Gaba


Technology has advanced, allowing homeowners to monitor and manage their homes through a common hub.  Your home will be automated once the...

Best Home Automation Company in India

  • Apr, 05 , 24
  • By Akshay Sharma

If you want to automate tasks to increase personal comfort levels, improve security, streamline your tasks, make life simpler and more convenient, improve property...

Best Smart Door Lock in India

  • Mar, 28 , 24
  • By Akshay Sharma

Home security systems are rapidly changing to become dynamically better with each passing day. With the advancement of technology and the combination of a perfect aesthetically appealing design, Leccy &...

Smart Technology, Smarter Living: Leccy and Genesis Switchboard Benefits

  • Dec, 29 , 23
  • By Akshay Sharma

It can be tiring to get up repeatedly to switch off the fans and adjust the temperature according to different people in the room. What if you must rush to...