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Step into Tomorrow: Discovering the Benefits of Fingerprint and Digital Door Locks

  • Sep, 26 , 23
  • By Akshay Sharma

Digital locks by Leccy & Genesis are often the chosen security method for offices, homes, hotels, etc, because there are...

The Benefits of Well-Monitored Home Security Systems

  • Sep, 11 , 23
  • By Diksha Himalvi

As the threat to our safety increases daily, we understand the need for a dependable home security system to protect the home. Getting a...

The Future of Smart Home Control Panels & LCD Smart Switch : Trends and Innovations

  • Aug, 03 , 23
  • By Radhika Leccy

Home spaces become complete, perfect, and smart with innovative creations such as a Smart home control panel,

10 Essential Features to Look for in a Home Security System: Leccy & Genesis

  • Jun, 23 , 23
  • By Diksha Himalvi

When looking for a reliable home security system, you need to check out the salient features of the home security system offered by the dependable Leccy...

Business proposition of Leccy & Genesis

  • May, 01 , 23
  • By Diksha Himalvi

The world of home automation is very competitive, and many companies are designing smart home products to help people enjoy convenience and security in their living spaces. But...

Best Smart Switch Board in India - Leccy & Genesis

  • Apr, 13 , 23
  • By Diksha Himalvi

Are you tired of getting up to switch on or off the lights? Bring the German IoT-inspired Smart Switches from Leccy & Genesis to give your house...