what is smart door lock system

what is smart door lock system


Leccy & Genesis locks offer the audience's innovative and functional locks of the future, where adaptability and remote security work together. But what is a smart door lock system? A smart door lock by Leccy & Genesis is a path-breaking electromechanical bolting system that uses Wi-Fi to lock and unlock the door through a connected or authorized device. 


Digital door locks are technologically advanced security systems suitable for all doors. These locks can be installed over the existing door to add security and simplify life. The smart device is equipped with several functional features that make life easy and comfortable.


German-engineered products: The automatic door lock system, designed according to excellent German IOT technology, provides keyless entry to visitors and meets Indian standards. It is aesthetically appealing and possesses a sleek and smart edge arc design that blends easily with the exterior and interior of flats, homes, or offices.  


The fingerprint door lock can be used easily on a metal or wooden door with its invasive customizable properties. The contraption can be easily adjusted in the available space and fixed smoothly into the existing wiring system by anyone. Isn't this a great way to stay safe and protected? Just insert the AA-type battery in the door lock, connect to the Wi-Fi and unravel the innovative operable feature through an app or voice assistant for convenience. The 6-digit programming code is a unique and creative way to enter the house. 


Tamper-proof smart door lock: They are sceptical about forcing entry because the tamper-proof safety alarm system rings the alarm if someone tries to force open the door, instantly alerting the members of the house and providing them sufficient time to take necessary action. 


Schedule the door shut or open: Sometimes, kids or elderly adults leave the door unlocked by mistake. The smart door lock takes over with its automatic door locking system. You can even schedule the opening and closing of the smart door lock from a distance by fixing a specific time to open and close the door. This is an excellent feature to help elders, households, and little children enter the home. You only need the smartphone app to monitor and keep the system organized and foolproof. Any carelessness or forgetfulness can be handled by activating the automatic shutting feature in the smartphone app. 


Features Offered By Leccy & Genesis Smart Door Lock


The intelligent door lock by L&G provides a speedy keyless entry experience to the user and his family through the 6-in-1 unlocking system. Leccy & Genesis offers 6-in-1 locking and unlocking options in the smart lock operations. You have to make a preferred choice to enter. You can use a biometric fingerprint, RFID card, numerical password, an OTP, a smartphone app, or Manual emergency key locking and unlocking!


Biometric fingerprint: Did you place your fingerprints on the touch-sensitive panel of the smart door lock? And did the door spring open in seconds? Well, that's the magic of a smart door lock. You no longer have to rummage inside the purse to look for the keys. The Leccy and Genesis smart door lock keeps a record of the visitors and is here to stay!


OTP generation for entry: Create an OTP for the people who are to visit your home for a short while. The one-time password will make it easy for them to enter and prevent you from rushing to the door to answer it every time the bell rings. Once the get-together or party is over, the OTP expires automatically, and the automatic locking system gets activated. Now, no one can use it to enter the house in the future. Stay safe and keep your family protected always.


Entry-exit and constant monitoring through the smartphone app: If you want a carefree life, get a simplified, super easy-to-use customized home door locking system. There is no chance of misplacing the keys now; you can opt for the innovative app connectivity and app unlocking method to make life more systematic and convenient. Click the button on the smartphone app, and voilà! The door opens. If you exited your home and forgot to shut the door, click a button and voilà! The door shuts close. Can life be more convenient than this? 


Remote control through the smartphone app: The app allows the user to monitor and control each movement from a distance. Just turn on the mobile and see who stands at the door when you get the notification. This remote security feature will help the family stay guarded and protected at all times. If you feel fit, let the visitor in or talk to the stranger through the two-way communication facility on your smartphone app. 


A numeric passcode is a fantastic solution for a party: You can provide your family members permanent access at any time of the day and temporary time-driven access to the house help. Also, the smart door lock system provides one-time access to certain visitors through a numeric passcode—just type in the passcode on the touch panel of the smart door lock and gain entry. A numeric passcode works efficiently for unexpected guests, and at one time, you can share the passcode with nearly 100 people. 


RFID card: In fact, you can grant 100 people entry to your home through fingerprints, codes, or RFID cards. Swipe the RFID card provided by the owner and enter the gate. 


Manual key: There is hardly any chance of being locked out of your home. If there is a rare chance that the smart door lock is not responding due to some glitch, then you have the emergency key at your disposal.


The 6-in-1 unlocking options provide the user multiple access to the home. The intelligent modern glass design looks delicate, but it is not. The smart device raises the security notch with its unbreakable security features and works excellently for residential, commercial, and other gated areas. If you want a fantastic keyless experience that rarely goes wrong, Leccy & Genesis is the right place to visit for a dependable, intelligent, smart door lock system. 


Warranty and free installation:  Leccy & Genesis has a three-year replacement warranty and comes with amazing discount deals to please the audience. Contact customer care services for a professional from the company to come and install the smart door lock. Remember, installation is free of cost. 


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