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L&G Smart Fan Regulator can be used for controlling your existing non-smart ceiling fan. WiFi Smart Fan Regulator can be controlled through your smartphone (Android/iOS), Voice Assistants (Alexa/Google Home/Siri), and physical touch buttons. It is...

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L&G Smart Fan Regulator can be used for controlling your existing non-smart ceiling fan. WiFi Smart Fan Regulator can be controlled through your smartphone (Android/iOS), Voice Assistants (Alexa/Google Home/Siri), and physical touch buttons. It is German Engineering Product that meets Indian Standards. This Smart Fan Regulator is a WiFi enabled smart device, that comes with a Goldmedal Curve Series & Vihaan Fullon Fit design and can be installed easily like any standard switch.

  • Wifi & App: Smart Fan Regulator can be connected to WiFi (2.4 GHz. Fan Regulator can be controlled with your smartphone (Android/iOS) from anywhere in the world.
  • Alexa/ Google/ SIRI Shortcut: Wifi Smart Fan Regulator can be connected and controlled with Voice Assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcut. They support voice commands.
  • On/Off Scheduling: Smart touch Fan Regulator can be scheduled to turn on/off at the user-defined time.
  • Goldmedal Fit: Smart Touch Fan Regulator can easily be installed in place of your existing switches and no re-wiring is required. Simple and easy installation.
  • Tempered Glass Panel: Smart Fan Regulator Switch comes with a tempered glass front panel that looks good and is very durable.
  • Easy to Install: This smart switch is retro-fit, vihaan fullon & Goldmedal fit. You can install our smart switch in place of your existing wiring. If you need any assistance to install it, then you can contact us on +91-81-81-81-0654 or +91-844-77-46047.

Connectivity: WiFi, Touch, Mobile App and Voice Control

Color: Black

Weight: 78g    

Warranty: 2 Years

Material: Tempered Glass Panel, Polycrbonate Body 

Dimensions: 50*45*45 mm

Radio Frequency: 865-867 MHz

Max Load: 400 Watt

Users: Multi-User Sharing 

Manufacturer: Urja Smart Automation

Included Components: Smart Fan Regulator Switch, Manual

Supported Devices: Android/ iOS, Fully Compatible with Alexa, Ok google and Echo Devices. 

Ques- Can I add this to apple HomeKit?

Ans. No you can not add


Ques- Can fans speed be controlled by smart switches?

Ans. Yes, you can control fan speed according to your preferences.


Ques- Does this fit existing switch boards?

Ans. Yes, it can.


Ques- Can we use mobile apps to operate fan?

Ans. Yes, you can. With the help of Smart Life App, you can operate your fan anywhere from the world.


Ques- Can this be installed into existing switch plates?

Ans. Yes, you can install it into existing switch plates. Our switches are Goldmedal Curve Series Fit & Vihaan fullon fit.


Ques- I am unable to activate the device in Smart Life app on new mobile.

Ans. You need to login with same email on new phone that you were using on older phone.


Ques- How can I control fan speed from outside my home network ?

Ans. You can control electrical appliances connected to Smart Life App using your mobile. Your mobile does not need to be in your home network. Internet must be available on Mobile phone and it can be 2G/3G/4G or WiFi network of some other location.


Ques- Can I customize and order online?

Ans. Please contact our sales team @ 844-77-46047 for customization. Team will help you for the customization and provide option to buy online or order directly.


Ques- How can I claim warranty?

Ans. You can claim warranty by scanning QR code. Then fill the form or you can call directly to our customer support to claim your warranty.


Ques- Which devices are compatible with Smart Switches?

Ans. Smart switches are compatible with Android and iOS Devices.


Ques- Are these compatible with Alexa & OK Google?

Ans. Yes


Ques- How many way are there to operate smart switches?

Ans. You can operate smart switches with 5 different ways: WiFi, Touch, Mobile App and Voice Control


Ques- Can I create scenes using app?

Ans. Yes, you can create scenes with the help of smart life app.


Ques- Can I schedule fan to turn off/on at specific time?

Ans. Yes, for sure. You can use time schedule feature for that.


Ques- At a time how many Mobiles can be connected?

Ans. You can connect as many as you want but it works fine at 10 devices simultaneously.


Ques- Can this switch be fitted to Old switch plates?

Ans. Yes, Smart switches can be fitted to any switch plates as there are retro fitted.


Ques- Do I need to buy separate fan regulator switch to operate fan?

Ans. Yes


Ques- Can we operate manually?

Ans. Yes, person at home can switch ON/OFF manually. If you have subscribed for notification, you will get a notification in your app when someone manually ON/OFF it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yatharth Gupta
Good quality regulator

I think this is the best use of technology, it has many features in it like showing power usage also can control fan from bed which is really good also it can be controlled through alexa, google home.

Avi Mahtur
Wifi Enabled Fan Regulator

Nice touch enabled Wifi Fan regulator. Easy to integrate with Alexa & Google Assistant. One can control via Alexa, Google or touch buttons. Need to see how it performs on long run.

Arun Jain
Excellent Product

It like this product very much. I can on/off with the help of my phone.